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Character Profile: Sailor Pluto

USA Info
Japanese Info
Trista Meioh Setsuna Meiou Sailor Pluto
Sailor Pluto Sailor Pluto
Human Human
Female Female
Appears 19(over 1,020 in stasis)(born October 29) Appears 19(over 1,020 in stasis)(born October 29)
Green Green
Red Red
5'7" 170 cm
Type A Type A
Outer Senshi, guardian of the passage of time Outer Senshi, guardian of the passage of time
Sabrina Grdevich, Susan Aceron Chiyoko Kawashina
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Sailor Pluto

The Sailor Soldiers first encounter Sailor Pluto in their quest to help Rini defeat the forces of Nemesis. Rini had been close friends with Sailor Pluto (Rini always just called her "Pluto" ["Plu"]), and this friendship helped Rini to escape into the present day.

For untold years Sailor Pluto had stood outside the normal flow of time, standing guard over the gates of time, and her brief interludes with the Sailor Soldiers as they traveled to and from the future leave little clues about her. It is only when the Purity Chalice [Holy Grail] is to be revealed that she re-emerges in the normal flow of time as Trista Meioh, allying herself with Uranus and Neptune to help locate the world's savior.

Sailor Pluto is not just the soldier of time. The Japanese name "Setsuna Meioh", translated, names her as lord of not just time, but also the underworld (the land of the dead), just like the Pluto of Roman myth. It is from the ethereal underworld that she draws the power for her Deadly Scream [Dead Scream] attack. Though she is guardian of the gates of time, her power over time is limited to controlling passage through the gates. Part of her duty is to not abuse the power herself. She actually can use the power of her Garnet Orb to alter the flow of time, but to do so entails a punishment of which no one knows the full extent.

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