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Character Profile: Dr. Souichi Tomoe

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dr. Souichi Tomoe Professor Souichi Tomoe Dr. Souichi Tomoe (Sailor Moon)
Human Human
Male Male
White White
Blue Blue
Geneticist, founder of and professor at Mugen Geneticist, founder of and professor at Mugen
Jeff Lumby Akira Kamiya
Sailor Moon Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Dr. Souichi Tomoe

As Sailor Moon S begins, we first witness this seemingly mad doctor in his laboratory, having just perfected his formula for turning his cultures into Daimons (aka Heart Snatchers). We are unable to see his face, just the reflection of light off his glasses and his sinister smile. Dr. Tomoe is head of the Bureau of Bad Behavior [Death Busters], and his goal is to gain control of the Purity Force, which he needs to erase all good from the world.

The key to his success lay in Heart Crystals, which his Daimons are meant to steal and bring back. At first, the Daimons are used to try and hunt down three particular hearts that hide the three Crystal Treasures [Talismans] that will reveal the Purity Chalice [Holy Grail (no religious connotation intended)]. This is changed after Eugeal locates the holders but loses the Chalice to Sailor Moon.

His plan B is to use the energy from Heart Crystals to awaken their own chosen Sovereign of Silence (we eventually learn that his own daughter, Hotaru, has the hostile entity within her). However, good help is hard to come by, and it is ultimately his assistant Kaorinite who comes up with the breakthrough to revive Mistress Nine.

However, every so often, the real Dr. Tomoe emerges from his dark alter ego: the Dr. Tomoe who allowed himself and his daughter to be possessed by Daimons to save their lives after they invaded from a dimensional gateway.

Dr. Tomoe will actually survive the entire course of events. Though seriously injured and with partial amnesia, he is himself again and with the one he cares about so much: his (now-much-younger) daughter, Hotaru.

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