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Kaori KuromineKaori KuromineKaori Kuromine (Sailor Moon)
Dr. Tomoe's assistantProf. Tomoe's assistant
"I've GOT it!! I've got the PUREST heart!!!"
Kirsten BishopNoriko Uemera
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Kaori Kuromine

Kaorinite is Dr. Tomoe's ever-faithful and ever-able assistant. She carries out Dr. Tomoe's orders to locate those with potentially pure hearts and bring back their Heart Crystals.

Kaorinite, however, soon found herself with three significant difficulties. At first, her mission was a cakewalk until a couple of strangers made a surprise entrance with intentions to thwart her efforts. They turn out to be Sailor Uranus and ailor Neptune. Second, Sailor Moon herself rises to the new challenge and makes her own efforts to stop the Heart Snatchers. Third, it seems she's constantly missing the target! Not one of the Heart Crystals she tries to steal are worth the trouble! Finally, in a rare moment of cooperation between the Inner Sailor Scouts and the Outer, a desperation move of Kaorinite's turns against her and sends her plunging to her doom...or so everyone thought.

Though she lost some of her memory, Kaorinite was saved by Dr. Tomoe. Though she would've preferred to just stay with him, Dr. Tomoe pressures her to return to business. Her efforts prove key, as she corners Hotaru's friend, Rini, and captures her to use her pure heart to awaken the Sovereign of Silence!

Her reward for her work? Eternal silence! Mistress Nine promptly eliminated her soon after awakening.

Character Description: Kaori Kuromine

Karoinite was Dr. Tomoe's favorite assistant. Once the Death Busters appeared, Kaorinite would tell the demon to go track the target Kaori had in mind. However, all of Kaori's targets did not turn out to be talismans. After the destruction of several demons, Kaori decided to oversee the mission herself.

She'd plant the pod on an object and wait for her next victim. Once the demon revealed it's true self, Kaorinite would order the demon to do whatever she wanted it (her) to do. After Usagi's heart was taken, Kaori fought against the Sailor Senshi, using her powerful blasts to blow up parts of the Tokyo Tower up. Kaorinite made a final attempt to defeat the scouts using a concoction from a demon which gave Kaorinite the demon's powers, which was glass breath and a having a glass sword. Eventually, Uranus used her World Shaking, hitting her in the abdomen, sending her glass breath back to herself, killing her!

Kaolinite However, she later appeared at the Tomoe mansion as the caretaker of Hotaru and her tormenter. It turns out Dr. Tomoe had found Kaorinite and used his technology to bring her back to life. While Telulu was creating her plan, Dr. Tomoe pressured Kaorinite to become his favorite assistant, creating havoc. Kaorinite attempted to reject the idea of working as an assistant, but Dr. Tomoe didn't care. Kaorinite became heartbroken, and then reverted back to her normal, evil self. While Hotaru was talking with Chibi-Usa, Kaorinite appeared, blasted Chibi-Usa away, and kidnapped Hotaru.

As the Sailor Scouts were fighting with Cyprine, Sailor Chibi Moon went to Hotaru's house and searched for any trace of Hotaru. Instead, she got Kaorinite. Kaori attempted to take Chibi Moon away, but Tuxedo Kamen stopped her. Kaorinite flung Chibi Moon out the window. Then, Sailor Pluto attempted to stop Kaori, but Kaori created a cloud of red smoke, knocking out Chibi Moon. Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Pluto watched in horror as Kaorinite disappeared into a black hole, with Chibi Moon in her arms!

Kaori gave Chibi-Usa's pureheart to Hotaru, who ate it, and transformed into Mistress 9 [Messiah of Silence]. Did she continue to work for Dr. Tomoe and Mistress 9? NO!! The Messiah of Silence let loose a blast of electricity which flung Kaori onto a high voltage force field, killing her for good!

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