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MimeteMimeteMimete (Sailor Moon)
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Mimet (alternate spelling)
Artificial HumanArtificial Human
Member of Witches 5
Susan AceronMika Kanai
Sailor MoonBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S

Character Description: Mimete

Mimet is the next member of Witches 5 (now Witches 4) that Dr. Tomoe calls on to help him fulfill the mission of the Bureau of Bad Behavior [Death Busters]. With the Purity Chalice revealed, the mission shifts. Mimet is still supposed to collect pure hearts, but they are to be brought back to energize their chosen Sovereign [Messiah, no religious connotation intended] of Silence.

The trouble is that Mimet has a little trouble locating the pure of heart. She tends to focus all her attention on male idols [bishounen]. She spends half her time doting on them and the other half trying to steal their hearts (literally).

But when placed under the gun, Mimet can be just as nasty as any in the Bureau. She's out after number one, and she takes steps to ensure her continued employment. However, one of her plans backfires. She tries to use one of Eugeal's old machines, a device that can convert her into electronic form so she can use the power of a huge television array, but Telulu takes advantage of the moment by employing the device's one flaw. She pulls the plug: on both the screens and Mimet!

Character Description: Mimete

Mimet first rigged Eugeal's brakes so she couldn't stop her car and would eventually get into an accident, killing her (she was a reckless driver).

Mimet then took over for Witches 4 (since Eugeal was killed) and really focused on her attention on idols. Quite oddly, she'd spend huge amounts of time making goo goo eyes at a man she loved. She'd tell Dr. Tomoe her target was a man (that she loved), and she'd steal their heart. Dr. Tomoe noticed that Mimet was really focusing on idols, and got after her about it. Her techniques of stealing the hearts were similar to Eugeal's, creating a demon in a box and releasing them.

After numerous amounts of failures, Dr. Tomoe decided to hand the job over to Telulu. Mimet tried hard, but she had didly to show for it. Mimet was outraged! She called Telulu and disguised her voice as Dr. Tomoe and told her that her job was canceled. Telulu noticed something funny about that. As Mimet was going to Mugen School, Telulu was spying on her, with an evil smile.

After Mimet's demon was destroyed, she made a final attempt to rid of the scouts once and for all. She used Eugeal's machine that could digitize an object and project it on the big screen. After Mimet appeared on the screen, Telulu laughed at her, reminding her that Eugeal never used that machine because once the power was switched off, the object/person would be sealed inside the screen, forever. Mimet pleaded for forgiveness, but Telulu laughed and said goodbye. She pulled the plug and Mimet went plunging down into the depths of the screen, where she eventually was killed!

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