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HyogaHyogaHyoga (Saint Seiya)
14 years old (source: the manga) (born January 23)14 years old (source: the manga) (born January 23)
5'8"173 cm
132.3 lbs60 kg
Type OType O
Saint SeiyaSaint Seiya
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Knights of the Zodiac

Character Description: Hyoga

Hyoga bears the Cloth of the Swan (Cygnus). His name is literally translated by "ice river", which means "glacier". Ice and water are his elements. His name is pronounced "Hyou-ga" in the original version.

Hyoga is a tragic character. He seems rather cold and distant, but he is certainly very much attached to parent figures, such as his mother and sensei(s). These have all died by his own fault. Hyoga tends to live in contradictions. He was raised as a Christian, but has to protect a Greek (therefore pagan) Goddess. He was forced to choose between his master who represented Sanctuary and Saori, Sanctuary's enemy. This is the cause of all Hyoga's suffering. This, and the fact that it is extremely difficult for him to forget his mother, or at least to take distance from her. A psychiatrist would say that he hasn't grown out of his Oedipus complex (to love your mother and to kill your father, interesting to see Hyoga killed his sensei, a father figure). Hyoga is usually quite sociable, he likes taking part in activities with the other Bronze Boys and has an agreeable, mild personality. He can be very frank and direct at times, which sometimes hurts Seiya, but he never intends to do so. He gets on well with the other Bronze Boys, and can even tame Ikki.

Hyoga is rather tall and lean, wears black slacks with tattered beige leg warmers, and a blue T-Shirt. His blond locks fall to his shoulders, and he often looks thoughtful or dreamy. Hyoga has pale blue eyes, that show coldness, determination and courage. His voice in the original version is deep and noble, but his emotions easily filter through it, and he can sometimes sound a little hysterical.

Hyoga grew up in Russia with his mother. She was a fervent Christian, and transmitted part of her belief to her son. Hyoga's mother died in a shipwreck, while they were traveling to Japan, when she sacrificed her life so that her son could be saved, as there wasn't enough room for both of them on the life boats. Hyoga was then sent to the Graude foundation in Japan. Hyoga is aware that Mitsumasa Kido is his father, and his mother speaks to him of Kido with a lot of respect. When the time came for him to go and train, Hyoga picked Siberia. Hyoga's sensei is Camus, Aquarius Saint/Crystal, Camus' pupil. Both of those masters were ruthless, but very kind to him. Hyoga was taught to use the power of ice, to freeze objects and people. The name of his main technique is "Diamond Dust". Hyoga's main goal to become a Saint was that he would at last be able to smash the ice over the sea, to visit the shipwreck where his mothers' body lay, deep under the sea. This obsession cost him his friend Isaac, who tried to save him when he was caught under the ice, and who was lost at sea after having accidentally put his eye out. Hyoga finally obtained the Cygnus Cloth by destroying a tall iceberg, after having at last managed to visit his mother's ship and placed a flower in her hair.

Hyoga then returned to Japan, for the Galactic Wars. Hyoga was sent by Sanctuary to obtain the Gold Cloth for them (being the pupil of Camus, who was faithful to Sanctuary). He started out as the villain, to be replaced by Ikki, who arrived, just as Hyoga realized his mistake and refused Sanctuary's orders when he saw the friendship rising between Seiya and Shiryu; Hyoga was fighting for his honor and for the memory of his mother. Hyoga faced Hydra Saint Ichi, who at first seemed to be more powerful. The other Saints commented that Hyoga was weaker than them, because he was the only one to have Russian blood (note: a demonstration of the typical Japanese xenophobia). However, Hyoga then pulverized Ichi, destroying his Cloth by icing it. This put a stop to all racist considerations that Japanese had (note: and is a good example of Kurumada's belief in equality of races).

In the battle against the Black Saints, Hyoga confronted Black Cygnus, that he beat easily, on the Fuji Yama (manga) or Jamir (anime) peak. However, he then had to face Ikki. This is a very important battle, as Ikki managed to use the Genma Ken on Hyoga, and to find out his deepest flaw: his love for his mother. It is as from this episode that Hyoga will be obsessed by the memory of his mother, and will be hindered by this souvenir in battle. Hyoga was nearly killed when Ikki punched a hole into his Cloth, the only object that saved him was the Rosary of the North Cross, that protected his chest, and Hyoga iced Ikki's arm as a last souvenir. When Ikki and Hyoga confronted again, it was Hyoga who turned the Genma Ken against Ikki, with a shield of ice. This allowed him to learn everything about Ikki's past on Death Queen Island, which therefore created a link between the two characters.

Hyoga returns to Siberia after the battles against Docrates and Geist, to ask him his opinion. He found Crystal possessed by the Kyoko, and he was forced to face him and kill him. This is another tragic episode in Hyoga's life. He will however come back to Japan to find Ikki alive. Hyoga's next battle was against Centaurus Babel, a Silver Saint who handled fire. Babel was swiftly dealt with, although the help of the Steel Saints was necessary. Hyoga also participated in the fight against Auriga Capella and Cerberus Dante, even knocking Shaina off the cliff. whilst in the anime, he'll be on a plane to fetch the other Bronze Boys with Ikki. During that chapter, be it in anime or manga, he showed a lot of tolerance for Ikki's difficult moods.

Hyoga, in the battle against the Gold Saints, was swiftly sent to the temple of Libra by Gemini Saga, through another dimension. He was greeted by Aquarius Camus, his master. Camus destroyed the ship where Hyoga's mother was lying, which caused great anger and pain in Hyoga. Camus had decided to test his pupil, and understood when he saw Hyoga's reaction that he would never be able to fight and kill a Gold Saint, because his pain was stopping him from attaining the highest level of Cosmo. Camus threw the Aurora Execution on Hyoga, and imprisoned him in an ice coffin. Camus hadn't decided to kill his pupil, but to close him in this coffin during many years, to let him become a true Saint of Athena who isn't overwhelmed by his feelings. Shiryu freed Hyoga from the coffin with one of the Libra Weapons, and Shun saved him by giving him the heat of his Cosmo. Hyoga then fought Scorpio Milo, and proved extremely persevering, despite his suffering under the Scarlet Needle. His courage and conviction made Milo doubt, Hyoga had survived the fifteen stings of the Scorpio and had been able to ice Milo's Cloth. This made the Scorpio Saint decide to save Hyoga's life and let him carry on. It was finally in the Eleventh House that Hyoga confronted his master again. Camus told his pupil that he would not be able to ice a Gold Cloth unless he attained the Seventh Sense and managed to lower the temperature to Absolute Zero (-273.15°C). After a violent mutual assault, Hyoga defeated his master, and they both fell in the Eleventh Temple.

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