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Meimi HaneokaMeimi Haneoka (羽丘芽美)Meimi Haneoka (Saint Tail)
Saint TailSaint Tail (セイント★テール)
14 years old (born September 29th)14 years old (born September 29th)
Light brownLight brown
Saint TailSaint Tail
Mela LeeTomo Sakurai
Saint TailKaitou Saint Tail

Character Description: Meimi Haneoka

Meimi Haneoka (Saint Tail) Meimi is an average school student, but at night she becomes the mysterious thief Saint Tail. She is like a modern day robin hood. She uses magic like pulling things out of her hat and uses a wand.

Meimi has a crush on a boy named Daiki Asuka (a.k.a. Asuka Jr.). Her best friend is Seira, a nun in training. Seira tells Meimi when someone gets something stolen from them, so that Meimi can try to get it back.

Character Description: Meimi Haneoka

Meimi Haneoka is Saint Tail, the thief that steals stolen items and returns them to their rightful owners. Although the returning part isn't so well known. She is known as a thief and Asuka Jr. is after her.

Meimi's mother was a thief, but quit when she met Meimi's dad, a detective, and then they got married. It's from her that Meimi is a excellent thief, and from her father she uses magic tricks to deceive Asuka Jr. or other guards and policemen.

She also has a Pet hedgehog named Ruby. Her best friend Seira, a sister-in-training, finds out about stolen goods. She tells Meimi what was stolen and where to get it.

Character Description: Meimi Haneoka

Meimi Haneoka is an average high school student by day- but a well- meaning thief by night. But nobody knows this except for her best friend Seira who is a nun-in-training.

When she's St. Tail, she uses her powers to take things to their rightful owners and keep away from the police. When ever she's about to steal something, she always lets Asuka Jr. (a junior detective and a student in her class) know. She usually gives Asuka Jr. a note. One time she sent an explosive message to him in his lunch box.

At first Meimi didn't like Asuka Jr. and thought he was a total pain. But once she was with him more and more she developed feelings for him. And when she realized that she loved him, she knew that she had to never let herself be caught- or it will be the end to Saint Tail. But most importantly, she can't let Asuka Jr. know that she's Saint Tail.

Unfortunately, Asuka Jr. did find out and was heartbroken. But that did not end the relationship between Meimi and Asuka Jr.! We see what happens to everyone since Asuka Jr. found out about Meimi, and in the future, Asuka Jr. proposed to her to the church where Meimi was praying. (And they lived happily ever after!)

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