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Character Profile: Kyo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kyo Onime no Kyo Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
Demon Eyes Kyo  
Human Human
Male Male
Mid-late 20's Mid-late 20's
Naturally red Naturally red
Red Red
6'4" 193 cm
Samurai slayer Samurai slayer
"You heard it too, didn't you? The voice of the wind"  
Dan Green  
Samurai Deeper Kyo Samurai Deeper Kyo

Character Description: Kyo

At the battle of Sekigahara, a legend named Demon Eyes Kyo was born. Called the thousand-man slayer, Kyo was unopposed during most of the battle. But another samurai named Kyoshiro Mibu stood before him. These two had waged a war of their own until that day, when they would finish it. But an unprecedented event happened during their fight... a shooting star slammed into the ground right where they were fighting.

Four years later, a bounty hunter named Yuya Shiina came along with a medicine man named Kyoshiro Mibu. Apparently there was a bounty on his head for skipping out on a restaurant payment. This is where things get crazy. First a Demon comes after Kyoshiro claiming he is Demon Eyes Kyo. He starts wailing on Kyoshiro until Sasuke and Saneda show up. Then Kyo comes out. Tossing Kyo his sword from Sekigahara, Saneda unleashes the Demon. Using the Mizutchi, a blast of seeable wind that can cut down foes, the Demon was disintegrated in a spray of blood.

Kyo's attack is created by taking the moisture in the air and forming it into a blade. It can control the blood in someone's body. Kyoshiro can do it, although he said Kyo is too inexperienced himself to be able to do the blood and air moisture at the same time.

During the show it is realized that Kyo starts to develop feelings for Ms. Yuya and everyone seems to notice it. However, he doesn't start acting like it until he has to do some protecting.

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