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Yukimura SanadaYukimura Sanada (真田 幸村)Yukimura Sanada (Samurai Deeper Kyo)
37 years old37 years old
Grayish BlackGrayish Black
Grayish BlueGrayish Blue
5'7"170 cm
116.8 lbs53 kg
"ara, ara...I am being serious here, heehee!""ara, ara...I am being serious here, heehee!"
Megumi OgataOgata Megumi
Samurai Deeper KyoSamurai Deeper Kyo

Character Description: Yukimura Sanada

Yukimura-sama is the type that can deceive others very easily. Most of the time, you'll think that he's a carefree person, the one that never know when to be serious. Reason being, he always have a warm smile on his face, talk soft and nicely, and even at the worse situation he can still make jokes and laugh about it. But you should never be tricked by his smile during serious times! For, behind his warm gentle smile, it hides a very intelligent brain and great sword skill. While he's showing his smile, thousands of ideas might have flashed in his intelligent mind. And before you notice it, he might already done something very surprising, yet very affective move, which saved everyone's life.

If you don't know him at all, you might also think he's just another one of those Players on the street, drinking Sake while picking up girls... Because of his great talking skill, he can easily get a total stranger to talk to him about anything. So it's quite effective, when used towards picking up girls.

Yukimura-sama always treat his followers and friends with cordiality, that's what gain him the absolute loyalty from people of his clan and the Sanada Juu Yuushi. He never make that "I'm your master you must serve me" face. After his father's death and his older brother's "disappearance" he automatically became the Head of the Clan. At that moment he received his position in the clan, he also took responsibility for all of his people. He was determined to do whatever he could for all of his people, and at this age of time, it is to become the ruling clan in Japan.

Yukimura-sama pretends to be a different guy when he first comes in, due to the fact that he's supposed to be up on Mount Kudo. The female that looks almost exactly like Yukimura-san is Kasuke. She is his kagemusha, or body double, who takes his place when he must leave, as shown in Vol. 6 of the manga.

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