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Character Profile: Eri Sawachika

USA Info
Japanese Info
Eri Sawachika Eri Sawachika(沢近 愛理) Eri Sawachika (School Rumble)
Princess Hime(Princess)
Human Human
Female Female
Blonde Blonde
Golden Yellow Golden Yellow
"I sure feel good on days that I do my hair well."(Episode 1) "I sure feel good on days that I do my hair well."(Episode 1)
Leah Clark Yui Horie
Episode 1 Episode 1
School Rumble Sukuran

Character Description: Eri Sawachika

Eri Sawachika is a very passionate girl. She is somewhat spoiled and can seem arrogant to others. She is also looked on as a person who thinks of themselves as perfect. She has also turned down many date offers- this is what makes some of the students think she is arrogant and a Miss Perfect type of girl.

"I'm not surprised. Look at her appearance and her graceful manners." (Ep 15) Sawachika-san is 'a halfy'. She is half Japanese (mother) and half British (father).

It also seems that Sawachika-san likes Harima-kun in the series. Evidence: She becomes jealous of other girls who is rumored that Harima-kun likes, which has caused difficulties with her close friend- Miko-chan (Mikoto), and one of her friends little sister- Yakumo.

Sawachika-san is rich compared to most students going to her school. She has her own butler and chef (unlike most people).

Though Sawachika has her faults- she also has her pluses. When done something wrong, she finds it difficult to apologize- to say sorry. Even if she is truly sorry inside- it is hard for her. She is also very beautiful- this is what captures many hearts of the boys she comes into contact with. She can be very nice and pleasant when you're on her good side but she can be evil if you're on her bad side. (Take Harima-kun for example!)

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