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Anime Profile: School Rumble

USA Info
Japanese Info
School Rumble Sukuran(スクールランブル) School Rumble
· · ·
School Rumble Second Term(season 2)  
  52 TV Episodes(2 seasons)
· · ·
  2 OVA Episodes
  Oct 5, 2004–March 29, 2005(Season 1)
· · ·
  April 2, 2006(Season 2)
FUNimation Studio Comet, Media Factory, Sotsu Agency, TV Tokyo
  Jin Kobayashi
  Shinji Takamatsu
Comedy, Drama, Romance Comedy, Drama, Romance
Akira Takano Akira Takano
· · ·
Eri Sawachika Eri Sawachika
· · ·
Harry Mckenzie Harry Mckenzie
· · ·
Karen Ichijou Karen Ichijou
· · ·
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Last I checked, this anime seemed to be unavailable, but you could check again at the online stores to be sure.

Anime Characters: School Rumble

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akira Takano Akira Takano Yakumo Tsukamoto Yakumo Tsukamoto
Eri Sawachika Eri Sawachika Fuyuki Fuyuki
Harry Mckenzie Harry Mckenzie Hiroyoshi Asou Hiroyoshi Asou
Karen Ichijou Karen Ichijou Imadori Kyousuke Imadori Kyousuke
Kenji Harima Kenji Harima Kyouji Katou Kyouji Katou
Lara Gonzalez Lara Gonzalez Ryuuhei Suga Ryuuhei Suga
Mikoto Suou Mikoto Suō Sasakura Yoko Sasakura Yoko
Ooji Karasuma Ooji Karasuma Shigeo Umedu Shigeo Umedu
Tenma Tsukamoto Tenma Tsukamoto Tougou Masakazu Tougou Masakazu

Anime Description: School Rumble

Despite the name, the rumble only comes in the form of the battle of love. School Rumble chronicles the days in the life of second year High School student Tenma Tsukamoto and her friends and classmates. It also chronicles their many successes and failures at love.

Tenma currently has a crush on one of her classmates, Ooji Karasuma. She has a lot of problems showing him her true feelings. However, complications arise even further when she finds out that he's transferring to another school in a year. Even more so when she has a secret admirer in the form of a delinquent named Kenji Harima. So how is this little love triangle going to play out?

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