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Character Profile: Kenji Harima

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kenji Harima Kenji Harima(播磨 拳児) Kenji Harima (School Rumble)
Human Human
Male Male
18 years old 18 years old
Black Black
Black(usually obscured by sunglasses) Black(usually obscured by sunglasses)
Student, thug, aspiring manga-ka Student, thug, aspiring manga-ka
Brandon Potter Hiroki Takahashi
Episode 1, "The New School Year! Be Still My Heart! Love Letter Mayhem! Warp Speed On A Bike!" Episode 1, "The New School Year! Be Still My Heart! Love Letter Mayhem! Warp Speed On A Bike!"
School Rumble Sukuran

Character Description: Kenji Harima

Kenji Harima seemed to be doomed to a life of being a juvenile delinquent. For one reason or another, he would be getting into fights with other students of Yagami High School. It was even doubtful that he would even graduate, even though his guardian is teacher Itoko Osakabe.

Then one day, he happened upon Tenma Tsukamoto, who was being ganged-up by bullies, which he saved her but Tenma thought later he was a pervert after her. However, since then, Harima had fallen in love with her, but for one reason or another has been unable to express his love for her, despite Tenma's infatuation for Ooji Karasuma.

Harima's life, however, became something out of a soap opera, ranging from occasional confrontations with Haruki Hanai (who thought he was infatuated with Tenma's younger sister Yakumo Tsukamoto), as well as being mistaken for another student, Harry Mackenzie, to the time he had his beard (and later his hair) shaved by Eri. He also had a somewhat-platonic relationship with future school nurse Tae Anegasaki. In between these, he works on a romance manga featuring himself and Tenma. He's even had Yakumo help him with the editing, but asked her not to reveal this to everyone out of embarrassment that everyone will find out!

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