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Anime Profile: Seto no Hanayome

USA Info
Japanese Info
Seto no Hanayome Seto no Hanayome(瀬戸の花嫁) Seto no Hanayome
· · ·
  Bride Seto
· · ·
  The Inland Sea Bride
16+ TV Episodes(currently ongoing) 16+ TV Episodes(currently ongoing)
  April 1, 2007
  AIC/GONZO/avex mode/TV Tokyo
  Tahiko Kimura
  Seiji Kishi
Paranormal, Romance, Crazy Comedy Paranormal, Romance, Crazy Comedy
Edomae Edomae
· · ·
Gozaburo Seto Gozaburo Seto
· · ·
Hideyoshi Sarutobi  
· · ·
Kai Mikawa Kai Mikawa
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Seto no Hanayome

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Edomae Edomae Mawari Zenigata --?--
Gozaburo Seto Gozaburo Seto Nagasumi Michishio Nagasumi Michishio
Hideyoshi Sarutobi --?-- Octopus Nakajima Octopus Nakajima
Kai Mikawa Kai Mikawa Ren Seto Ren Seto
Luna Edomae Luna Edomae San Seto San Seto
Maki Maki Shark Fujishiro Shark Fujishiro
Masa Masa    

Anime Description: Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome revolves around a regular young teenager named Nagasumi Michishio. One day, he is saved from drowning by a mermaid named San Seto. However, there's a catch. If a mermaid's identity is revealed to a human, both the mermaid and human are to be executed under Mermaid Law.

In order to save both their lives, San Seto relies on connections through her family (who are the heads of their own mafia!) and put the both of them under a reluctant marriage. Though all of this doesn't sit too well with Seto's father Gozaburo, who carries a hatred for humans.

Now poor Nagasumi is trying just to adjust and stay alive with constant attempts on his life. This is one new lifestyle that this poor kid is going to find tough to get used to. Let the insanity begin!

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