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Character Profile: Vy Low

USA Info
Japanese Info
Vy Low   Vy Low (Shadow Skill)
Human Human
Male Male
34 years 34 years
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
5'11" 180 cm
130 lbs About 59 kg
High Sevalle, heir to the throne of Kuruda. High Sevalle, heir to the throne of Kuruda.
"I thought you've bitten the dust ages ago."  
Johnathan Keeble Akio Otsuka
Shadow Skill Shadow Skill

Character Description: Vy Low

At age sixteen, Vy Low, who was at that time a legendary warrior, had defeated the king of Kuruda, Ibas Stora (a.k.a. Hawk's Eye) in competition, a victory that had given him the title of High Sevalle, not to mention that he's next in line to the throne of Kuruda. This victory had lead to even more heroic battles for the young man. However, none of the warriors of Kuruda ever use his real name, but rather his fighting name, Scarface, out of respect and fear of the great scar across his left cheek.

Scarface is a master in the "open" or "front" skill of combat, which relies on hand blows and body throws. He also believes that through fighting, warriors could get closer to God. That is because both major fighting disciplines of Kuruda - the open and shadow skills - were developed by slaves to overthrow tyranny and injustice in the world.

Character Description: Vy Low

The strongest warrior in the two-thousand year history of the Kingdom of Kuruda, Scarface is an acknowledged master of the "Front" or "Open Skill" - a technique complimentary to the Kossapo school's "Shadow Skill," which emphasizes proficiency with hand attacks and throws. At the age of sixteen, he defeated Ibas Stora (a.k.a. Hawk's Eye), the current king of Kuruda and gained the title of High Sevalle - a rank designating him as heir to the throne.

As spritual leader and mentor of the Kuruda School of combat killing, Scarface believes that combat has the capacity to bring on closer to God. He believes that because slaves developed the twin techniques and used them to overcome their oppressors, they hold the power to bring about an end to tyranny and usher in God's world on Earth.

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