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Shamanic PrincessShamanic PrincessShamanic Princess
6 OVA episodes6 OVA episodes
U.S. Manga Corp.Princess Project/Bandai Visual/MOVIC
Atsuko Ishita, Mitsuro Honga
Mitsuro Honga
Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, RomanceAdventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance
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Graham βŠ•
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Japolo βŠ•
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Kagetsu βŠ•
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Lena βŠ•
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Leon βŠ•
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Sara βŠ•

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon.

Description: Shamanic Princess

From the director of "Outlaw Star" and a former member of the all-female manga group CLAMP comes a beautiful adventure of mystery and discovery.

Tiara, a young and powerful magic user, is sent to the Earth, along with her mystic partner, the ferret-like Japolo, from her home dimension, the Guardian World, to recover a powerful talisman that was stolen from there. The task is more complicated than it seems.

Tiara knows who stole the talisman... Kagetsu, a former love of hers. She also knows that a rival of hers, Lena, is protecting him. But the thief had not stolen the talisman, the Throne of Yord for its power, but to save his sister Sara, who is bonded to the talisman.

But their actions set off a chain of events that forces Tiara to delve deeply into her own psyche to solve the mystery... and save those that she cherishes.

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