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HacubaHakubaHacuba (Shinzo)
The Reversian BladeThe Reversian Blade
Celestial HorseCelestial Horse
20,000 years20,000 years
Glowing whiteGlowing white
5'11", 9'6" (in true form)180 cm, 290 cm (in true form)
1102.3 lbs (in robot form), weightless (in celestial form), 88.2 lbs (as a sword)500 kg (in robot form), weightless (in celestial form), 40 kg (as a sword)
Weapon, GuideWeapon, Guide

Character Description: Hacuba

Hakuba is the mightiest of the celestial horses. When he dies, he does not turn into an en-card (in which the powers of a departed soul are bound), but into a mighty sword instead, the Reversion Blade.

In the year 2200, he was transformed by the celestial Guardians and his enegetical essence was placed in a digital program on Enterra, to be more precise, in the robot that shall escort Yakumo on her journey to find the remaining humans.

His true goal is to help her develop her powers. He deliberately guides her and her friends to Mechano city, so that she can learn the rest of the history there. If he would be telling it himself, she would not learn, and he would have revealed that he is not a normal robot by knowing it all.

In timeline 2, he comes to existence again when Yakumo is reunited with her friends. At the end of season one, his existence ended as well, but he was recreated as soon as all was at it's place.

In the battle with Lanancuras, when Mushrambo is completely down, Yakumo's spirit merges the 6 cards of the Generals with Hakuba, and Hakuba becomes his true form. While still energetical, he on his turn merges with Mushrambo, who becomes the golden version from earlier, but with the Reversion Blade, (Hakuba) instead.

Note: Hakuba used 6 Generals to become the Reversion Blade. Mushrambo turned Golden because of Yakumo's power gift, not because of the cards. Later, the Reversion Blade breaks when Mushra uses it on Lanancuras. This is the end of Hakuba. Shinzo-2 features Hakuba, but the reason Saban gave for his rebirth isn't fully logical.

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