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Character Profile: Mushrambo

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mushrambo Mushrambo Mushrambo (Shinzo)
Golden Mushrambo Golden Mushrambo
· · ·
Dark Mushrambo Dark Mushrambo
· · ·
Evil Mushrambo Evil Mushrambo
Eteran Eteran
Male Male
Appears 20-25 years old Appears 20-25 years old
Purple(fuschia); gold(Golden form); purple(dark Mushrambo); green(evil general form) Purple(fuschia); gold(Golden form); purple(dark Mushrambo); green(evil general form)
Purple(fuschia); gold(golden form); mint green(dark and evil general form) Purple(fuschia); gold(golden form); mint green(dark and evil general form)
· · ·
Brown Brown
6' 183 cm
King of Entera, Shinzo's Guardian King of Entera, Shinzo's Guardian
"You shall not win!"  
Tom Gibis  
Shinzo Mushrambo

Character Description: Mushrambo

Mushrambo is the warrior created when Mushra, Kutal, and Sago join together. Originally, he was the Dark King and he was the one who destroyed all the humans. When he went to destroy Yakumo, the power she gained from the meteorite allowed her to destroy him. When he was destroyed, his power was separated into three gems, which Mushra, Kutal, and Sago all absorbed.

When Mushra, Kutal, and Sago fuse into Mushrambo, Mushrambo is known as Shinzo's Guardian instead of it's destroyer. When Mushra and the others found out what Mushrambo did in the past, they thought they couldn't protect Yakumo anymore, but Yakumo proved them wrong and they became Mushrambo in order to protect her.

Character Description: Mushrambo

Mushrambo is an Enterran warrior who was one of the two people to be hit by a piece of the comet (the other being Yakumo). Originally the leader of the Seven Generals, Mushrambo's power was divided between Sago, Mushra, and Kutal after he died. When the cards of those three are fused together, they become Mushrambo.

Mushrambo was Yakumo's protector throughout Shinzo, his evil balanced by her goodness. Lord Ryuma turned him evil with his Black Card so that he would become the lord's evil servant. Because of his love for Yakumo, Mushrambo resisted the power of the card to rescue Yakumo from becoming Ryuma's wife, but he was still evil until Yakumo used Ryuma's sword to destroy the black card.

Later in the season, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal are trapped in a time warp by Rusphine. There they discover that Mushrambo is the person responsible for the destruction of Shinzo and the human race. They destroy Mushrambo and break free of the warp. Rusphine then absorbs the cards of her fellow Generals (yeah, she's one too) before bringing Mushrambo to the present time. He then kills Rusphine and takes her cards to become the most powerful of the Generals. The trio became Golden Mushrambo, but they get their butts kicked. Yakumo nearly destroys the evil Mushrambo with her power, weakening him enough to the point that Sago, Kutal, and Mushra's attacks destroy him for good.

In season 2, there is less of Mushrambo. It seems he was usually replaced with Binka in situations where he could have been useful. Anyway, Mushrambo appears to fight Lanacuras, first as a regular samurai and then as Golden Mushrambo, and fails to defeat him, even with the Reversion Blade. At the very end of the season, he and Yakumo reach Shinzo... well, their spirits do.

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