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Character Profile: Ryuma

USA Info
Japanese Info
Ryuma Ryuma Ryuma (Shinzo)
Lord of the Reptiles Lord of the Reptiles
Enterran Enterran
Male Male
500 years old(appears about 16) 500 years old(appears about 16)
Blond(normally), green(hyper form) Blond(normally), green(hyper form)
Green Green
About 5'7"(normally), About 6'2"(hyper form) About 170 cm(normally), About 188 cm(hyper form)
"You will marry me, Yakumo."  
Shinzo Mushrambo

Character Description: Ryuma

Ryuma is one of seven generals who had banded together to destroy humans and take Enterra as their own. He and five other generals attempted to destroy Yakumo a few years before her awakening, but her father's protection system nearly killed them.

He watches Mushrambo's battle with Gyasa from his ice castle in the mountains to see how strong of a warrior he truly is. He wanted to know that because he intended to make Mushrambo his servant with a black card that would put him under his control. Ryuma nearly marries Yakumo to prove how powerful of a ruler he was to marry a "human beast" and make her his queen. He does not marry her in the end because Mushrambo resists the power of the card long enough to destroy Ryuma and Grandora, his large gorgeous blue three-headed dragon with the power of breathing ice. His card was taken by Yakumo and stored in Hakuba until it could be of use.

Ryuma's card was later stolen by Rusphine to become inherit his power, and after her death his card was merged with Mushrambo.

Character Description: Ryuma

Ryuma is the sleaziest character in all of Shinzo. He is lord of the reptiles, and was one of the seven generals. He kidnaps Yakumo for the sole purpose of taking her as a bride.

He also planted visions of the future in her mind of what is to come, and he ordered the creation of the black card and uses it to enslave Mushrambo.

Later Yakumo's Mushrambo kills Ryuma and turns back to normal because of Yakumo's love.

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