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Character Profile: Binka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Binka Binka Binka (Shinzo)
Human Human
Female Female
12 years old 12 years old
Light brown Light brown
Brown Brown
About 4,10  
About 90lbs About 40.8 kg
Akumo's messenger Akumo's messenger
"You squashed Chiro and Kuro"(to Kutal) "You squashed Chiro and Kuro"(to Kutal)
Philece Sampler Aya Hisakawa
Shinzo Mushrambo

Character Description: Binka

Binka is a young girl who appears in season 2 of Shinzo. She is sent out by Yakumo to find Mushra, Sago, and Kutal. Her mission is to convince them to save the world.

Binka is not quite as sympathetic as Yakumo. She wields a bazooka and frees Mushra with it when he is chained to the cliff instead of just pulling him up.

Later on, when Binka tells Mushra about his destiny, he refuses to believe it and tries to go his own way. But he soon believes her after the first fight with the Cadrians. Binka then tries to recruit Sago and Kutal, even though she doesn't believe Kutal is one of the chosen Enterans at first. She implies that he is a fat blimp who could never be one of the three warriors.

She also has trouble trying to get them to work together as a team to go to Shinzo and find Yakumo. Just when Binka is getting pretty fed up with the whole situation of the boys not taking their mission seriously, two small cats called Chiro and Kuro befriend her. Even though they are really two bear warriors who work for the Cadrians, Binka doesn't know this until her and the others are at a campsite. When Kuro and Chiro show their true forms, Binka is shocked and upset because she thought they were her friends. This makes Mushra and the others boil with rage, then they all once again become the hyper warriors.

After realizing how important their mission really is, Mushra, Sago, and Kutal finally go to Shinzo with Binka.

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