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SagoSaagoSago (Shinzo)
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Hyper SagoHyper Saago
Water Boy (by villians)
Water EteranWater Eteran
About 17-18 years oldAbout 17-18 years old
Light brown with blond highlights and also light blue (see below)Light brown with blond highlights and also light blue (see below)
About 5'10"About 178 cm
About 120 lbs.About 54.4 kg
Choosen EnteranChoosen Enteran
"Hydro Power"
Steven Jay Blum

Character Description: Sago

Sago is the mischievous one of the group. He is always up to something until Yakumo calmed him down. He is one of the Chosen Enterans along with Mushra and Kutal. Sago's element is water, which is why a lot of the villains in the show like to call him 'Water Boy'. He and Kutal can fuse with Mushra to create the mighty Mushrambo, who is Entera's champion.

In the second season with Binka, Sago is obsessed with card games, which he normally loses. It takes Binka blowing him up to get him to straighten him out. Also, he forgets all about Yakumo and Shinzo, as do Kutal and Mushra. When Enterans become their cards, they are reborn in a different reality than the one they previously lived in, which is where the second season takes place.

Hyper Sago is powerful, ruthless, and cunning. Late in the first season, he gains dragon-like wings that carry through the rest of the season and the next one as well. He uses a sword for a weapon as well as his water abilities. His most powerful attack is summoning a water dragon to attack the enemy.

Sago's Hair from episode 24

Sago's Hair Color

In the episode titled "Mechano City", there was a very strong magnet that attracts the renegade robots, and also sucks in Sago's helmet slightly (as he says, "Man, that's one strong magnet!"). When his helmet comes off, we can see a slight bit of his hair, which is light brown with blond highlights. However, in episode 24, "The Nightmare Dream Center", when Binka, Saago, Mushra, and Kutaru were sleeping, Mushra started to pull off Saago's helmet as he was sleeping and dreaming of fighting, showing his hair to be light bluish. So apparently there is some difference between timelines.

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