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Character Profile: Kairi Sanjou

USA Info
Japanese Info
Kairi Sanjou Kairi Sanjou(三条 海里) Kairi Sanjou (Shugo Chara)
Human Human
Male Male
About 9-10 years old About 9-10 years old
Dark Green Dark Green
Blue Blue
5'1" 155 cm
110.2 lbs 50 kg
Type A Type A
Class President Class President
"I'll put that in the data."  
Episode 27 Episode 27
Shugo Chara Shugo Chara

Character Description: Kairi Sanjou

After Kukai graduated, the guardians needed a new Jack to replace his place. Kairi Sanjou was picked to become the new Jack chair.

At first, Amu and the others felt uncomfortable by Kairi's actions. Unlike the hyperactive, energetic, and cheerful Kukai who was the previous Jack, Kairi was calm, strict, and stuck with his job most of the time.

Kairi is in fourth grade, two years younger than Amu, but is shown to be the most mature and tallest among the guardians.

Later on, Amu and the other guardians found out that Kairi was actually an Easter spy, and was considered their enemy. Confused by who he wants to be, Kairi became self absorbed with thinking about his true would be self.

Finally, Kairi decides that his true would be self is to be with Amu and the other guardians, and thus returns to them, resigning from his mission at Easter Company. In episode 44, Kairi received a call from his parents saying that he should return to his hometown since there was no more work for him to do, since Yukari quit working for Easter. When Kairi was at the airport, he told Amu his true feelings and that he'll love her forever and that he'll come back when he turns to a real man. He also told Tadase that he will not lose to him. He appears again in Episode 71.

Kairi is the first of Amu's love interests, which consist of Tadase, Kukai, Ikuto and Kairi himself.

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