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USA Info
Japanese Info
Maria RobotnikMaria Robotnik
12 years old(since death)12 years old(since death)
4'7"140 cm
77 lbs34.9 kg
Shadow's best friend, deadShadow's best friend, dead
"Sayounara, Shadow the Hedgehog""Adios, Shadow the Hedgehog"
Sonic XSonic X

Character Description: Maria Robotnik

Maria is the beautiful and kind cousin of Dr. Eggman. She was once forced to live on a military space station, built by her Grandfather, under mysterious conditions. It was unknown if she was dragged there by her Grandfather or parents, of she had a illness, or if she was one Prof. Gerald's experiments, but it was then revealed that she was taken to the ARK because she had a disease called "NIDS" (Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and her grandfather wanted to try to find a cure.

She became a good role model for Earth's future bio-weapon/hero, Shadow the Hedgehog. She helped Shadow to find his heart and soul, and soon the two developed a brother and sister bond.

When she and Shadow tried to escape from the military that boarded ARK One to destroy Shadow, Maria took a bullet for Shadow.

When she freed Shadow from ARK, she asked him to bring hope to humanity, even though they tired to destroy Shadow. But her death drove her grandfather insane and then altered Shadow's memories, but her death wish stilled echo through Shadow's soul

Maria is to Shadow as Chris is to Sonic, so you can bet she'd rather die than let her close friends get hurt.

Editor's Note: I'm told that in the 4Kids English version, Maria did not die, that she was only knocked out from a blast. You're probably aware as to how much American TV hates to put death in cartoons, so they cut that part out and just made her "unconscious".

Character Description: Maria Robotnik

Maria is a mysterious girl who exists in the memory of Shadow. She's also the granddaughter of Professer Gerald Robotnik (Dr. Eggman's grandfather) and a cousin of Dr. Eggman.

Maria was killed by the millitary in front of Shadow's eyes before he entered Earth. Her last words were "Sayonara, Shadow the Hedgehog".