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Character Profile: Marron Glace

USA Info
Japanese Info
Marron Glace Marron Glace Marron Glace (Sorcerer Hunters)
Yaksha Afushon
Human Human
Male Male
16 years old 16 years old
Black Black
Black(OVA), Gold(TV series) Black(OVA), Gold(TV series)
Sorcerer Hunter Sorcerer Hunter
"I will always protect my brother"  
Jason Douglas Mitsuaki Madono
Sorcerer Hunters Bakuretu Hunters

Character Description: Marron Glace

Marron is Carrot's younger brother, but they are opposite in every way possible. He is intelligent, not girl-crazy, formal, and a real gentleman. He has a long, gorgeous hair that sometimes makes him look like a woman, he uses warding magic, and is the most useful man in the group. When Marron was a child, Carrot saved him. After that he vowed to protect his brother.

Character Description: Marron Glace

Marron, despite being younger than his brother, Carrot Glace, is the more mature and level-headed of the Glace brothers, getting his good looks from his mother Apricot (who is never shown in the series). His expertise is in the practice of defensive Oriental magic, often in the form of scraps of paper resembling Shinto wards. As a child, Marron was bullied relentlessly by the other children because of his feminine looks and was saved by his older brother. Now that he is older and advanced in skill and magic, he believes it is time to return the favor.

Marron is overly protective of his older brother at times, and the only time he is ever malcontent or miffed is when Carrot's life is threatened. Though he cares deeply for Carrot, Marron is often embarrassed by his antics. Like his brother, Marron is also the reincarnation of god, Yaksha , god of the east. Both he and Carrot along with the Misu sisters, Tira and Chocolate, were all raised on St. Hordic mountain, haven of the Sorcerer Hunters.

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