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Anime Profile: Sorcerer Hunters

USA Info
Japanese Info
Sorcerer Hunters Bakuretsu Hunters(爆れつハンター) Sorcerer Hunters
26 TV eps, 3 OVA eps 26 TV eps, 3 OVA eps
Oct. 3, 1995 Oct. 3, 1995
ADV Films Media Works/Bakuretsu Project/TV Tokyo/Sotsu Agency
  Satoru Akahori, Ray Omishi
  Koichi Mashimo, Nobuyoshi Habara
Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy
Big Momma Big Mama
· · ·
Carrot Glace Carrot Glace
· · ·
Chocolate Misu Chocola Misu
· · ·
Dotta Daughter
· · ·
Gateau Mocha Gateau Moka
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Sorcerer Hunters

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Big Momma Big Mama Tira Misu Tila Misu
Carrot Glace Carrot Glace Zaha Torte Sacher Torte
Chocolate Misu Chocola Misu Eclair Mocha --?--
Dotta Daughter Onion Glace --?--
Gateau Mocha Gateau Moka Potato Chips --?--
Marron Glace Marron Glace Salad Chips --?--
Milphey-Yu Mille    

Anime Description: Sorcerer Hunters

Chocolate and Tira both showering affection on poor Carrot, with Marron in the backgroundIn the world of Sorcerer Hunters there are two distinct classes in society, Sorcerers - classified by the upside-down triangles on their foreheads - and Parsoners, or humans. The Sorcerer class often abuse their powers by opressing the weaker classed commoners, usually for their own personal gain. In order to protect the commoners, warriors known as Sorcerer Hunters roam Spooner Continent serving punishment where it is due.

Even stanger than the cases they take on, the Hunter's themselves seem to have their own agenda. Carrot Glace, the appointed leader, would rather chase women than Sorcerers. His teammates, Tira and Chocolate, aren't what they seem to be. By day these two sisters appear to be somewhat charming young ladies and by night their demeanor changes completely into two in control dominatrix sisters. Along with Carrot's younger and prettier brother and the muscle bound Gateau, thus completes of warriors out to overcome evil Sorcerers and Carrot's overactive libido.

The first thirteen episodes are the expected lighthearted comedic adventures of the characters. The normal pattern is involved where the goddess-like being, Big Momma, assigns the hunters a mission and they accept. During these missions, however justice is often lower on Carrot's list of things to do as he'd rather chase women. This causes grief from the Misu sisters and embarrassment for Marron. The second thirteen episodes turns more serious as Carrot's "Zoanthrope" becomes a greater issue. Upon meeting Carrot, Zaha Torte, the resident bad guy, finds that the skirt chaser may be just what he needs to realize his ideals and make them a reality.

Spawning from Sorcerer Hunters was a three episode OVA, not only was it fan service, but Tira and Chocolate's costumes transform back into the scantly clad ones seen in the manga. Things return to the original extreamly comedic and silly pace as the Sorcerer Hunters take a well-deserved break in the conclusion of this anime.

Audio Files: Sorcerer Hunters

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