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Character Profile: Carrot Glace

USA Info
Japanese Info
Carrot Glace Carrot Glace Carrot Glace (Sorcerer Hunters)
God of Destruction  
Human Human
Male Male
17 years old 17 years old
Black Black
Dark Brown(series), Black(OVA) Dark Brown(series), Black(OVA)
Sorcerer Hunter Sorcerer Hunter
"Ladies, I can make you happy"  
Brett Weaver Shinnosuke Furumoto
Sorcerer Hunters Bakuretu Hunters

Character Description: Carrot Glace

Carrot is "the wolf in sheep's clothing" amongst the other sorcerer hunters, and like his father, Onion Glace, rescues maidens in the hopes that he will be able to date them afterwards. Of all the Sorcerer Hunters it could be said that Carrot is the weakest: he doesn't use magic, he has little strength (unlike Gateau), and his sword is decoration mostly hanging on his hip through the series.

He does, however, possess one special technique that separates him from the rest, he is resistant to magic. When hit with a sorcerer's magic the reaction to the spell often backfires and transforms him into a beast of some sort. The transformation depends on the type of magic he is hit with. He was born with two special abilities: Aranjun, the ability to absorb magic, and Zoanthropy, the ability to transform using the magic.

Carrot is unstoppable, until he is "coaxed" out of the transformation by the whip and wire of the Misu sisters. Though Tira and Chocolate love him and are willing, especially Chocolate, Carrot insists on chasing other girls. It must be the thrill.

Character Description: Carrot Glace

Carrot is a girl-crazy boy who loves beautiful, sexy women but is afraid of Choco and Tira even though they are sexy... maybe because he is always tortured by them whenever they get jealous of other women he flirts with. Carrot is the exact opposite of his brother, Marron, who is a real gentleman. Carrot owns the spirit of Hakaihsin, the God of Destruction, and whenever he is hit by an evil magic or spell he turns into a Huge Zoantropy, and Tira whips him back. The Zoantropy is actually a big cow or a bull with red flaming eyes (not literally).

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