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Character Profile: Elizabeth Thompson

USA Info
Japanese Info
Elizabeth Thompson Elizabeth Thompson(エリザベス・トンプソン) Elizabeth Thompson (Soul Eater)
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  Erizabesu Tonpuson(romanization)
Liz Thompson Liz Thompson
Human Human
Female Female
Looks about 15-17 years old Looks about 15-17 years old
Blonde(wears a hat) Blonde(wears a hat)
Blue Blue
Double Team Demon Guns Double Team Demon Guns
Jamie Marchi Akeno Watanabe
Episode 3 Episode 3
Soul Eater Soul Eater

Character Description: Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth or Liz Thompson is one of the two guns that Death the Kid uses. She does have a sister, who's name is Patty Thompson. She is different than her sister in a couple of ways. First, she's taller than Patty, has longer hair, wears jeans, and also has a smaller chest then her younger sister. However, she gets mad if someone points that out. Like in episode 3, when Death the Kid told her that, he got punched. (Even though in the manga, Death the Kid dodged the punch).

It is said that in episode 15, when Death the Kid and Patty were looking for Liz, Death the Kid explains how he met Liz and Patty. It is said that he met them while on a trip in Brooklyn and he saw how they turned into two guns. Kid asked them if they could be his weapons. (Once, Liz tried to mug Kid before he made a agreement with them).

Liz is also the mature one compared to Death the Kid and Patty. She likes to shop. Liz can also turn into a cannon-looking thing through the soul reasonace with Kid. She is also afraid of ghosts. Liz and Patty can also use each other if Kid is not around. When in weapon form, Patty can use her and vice versa.

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