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Character Profile: Soul Evans

USA Info
Japanese Info
Soul Evans Soul Evans Soul Evans (Soul Eater)
Soul "Eater" Soul "Eater"
Human/Deamon Scythe Human/Deamon Scythe
Male Male
Rumored 13 Rumored 13
White White
Red Red
Death Scythe Death Scythe
Micah Solusod Koki Uchiyama
Episode 1 Episode 1
Soul Eater Soul Eater

Character Description: Soul Evans

Soul is the weapon of technician Maka Albarn. He can transform into a demon scythe whenever he wants.

His personality is described to be "twisted and sarcastic" and has a knack for attacking directly. However, overtime he becomes more mature and learns to become cool headed. His personality may seem the polar opposite of his technician but their wavelength are always in perfect sync. He also may have some strong feelings for his technician also.

In episode 8, after a meister named Chrona cut Soul open using her demon blade with black blood named Ragnarok, it was was revealed that Soul now has black blood also which gave Soul a power increase but also increased the risk of his soul swallowing Maka's soul and driving her into insanity.

Soul also has a talent for playing the piano. His technician, Maka, reveals in episode 31 that when they first met he played a dark song for her on the piano. The reason for his talents with the piano is that he was from a family of musicians. His brother Wes is a famous violinist. However Soul wanted to find a way to break off from his family tradition of being a musician. When he found out he was able to turn into a scythe, he used his ability as a scapegoat in order to leave his family.

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