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Character Profile: Nataku

USA Info
Japanese Info
Nataku Nataku Nataku (Soul Hunter)
Paopei Human Paopei Human
Male Male
21 years old 21 years old
Red Red
Blue Blue
Soul Hunter Senkaiden Houshin Engi

Character Description: Nataku

Baby Nataku Nataku is the paopei ningen, or paopei human. He was born when a 'reiju' paopei was placed in his mother Inshi's pregnant belly by Taiitsu. The child had already died in the womb, but as soon as the reiju was placed there, Inshi went into labor. What she gave birth to was like a giant meat egg. Nataku's father Li Sei was going to cut the egg apart and bury it, but Nataku burst out of the egg, already wearing three paopei.

Nataku eventually angers a dragon river king, and rather than let his parents be killed, he chooses to die to satisfy the dragon's anger. However, even though his body was destroyed, Nataku himself cannot die unless his reiju is destroyed. His mother built him a shrine and placed the reiju inside, thinking he was dead. His father smashed the shrine and threw his reiju in the river. Because of this, Nataku hates his father. Taiitsu Shinjin rebuilt Nataku's body out of lotus.

Nataku is quiet and doesn't show many emotions, other than irritation. His reaction to most things is to threaten to kill someone or to shoot at someone. He's not very bright, and doesn't often think about the consequences of his actions. He's also stubborn and bossy, and sometimes rudely demands that Taiitsu fix his paopei and make him new paopei.

But, Nataku cares a lot about his mother, and he seems to have a soft spot for children, especially orphans. He lets Tenshou ride around on his back.

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