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Anime Profile: Squid Girl

USA Info
Japanese Info
Squid Girl Shinryaku! Ika Musume(侵略!イカ娘: THE INVADER COMES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA) Squid Girl
12 TV episodes(as of November 28, 2011) 24 TV episodes(two seasons)
September 19, 2011 October 4–December 10, 2010(first season), September 26, 2011(ongoing as of November 28, 2011)
AnimeWorks(Media Blasters) Akita Shoten, Diomedea
  Masahiro Anbe(安部 真弘)
  Tsutomu Mizushima(水島 努)
Comedy, Paranormal Comedy, Paranormal
Chizuru Aizawa Chizuru Aizawa
· · ·
Cindy Campbell Shindi Kyanberu
· · ·
Eiko Aizawa Eiko Aizawa
· · ·
Nagisa Saito Nagisa Saito
· · ·
Sanae Nagatsuki Sanae Nagatsuki
· · ·
Squid Girl Ika Musumi
· · ·
Ayumi Tokita Ayumi Tokita
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Squid Girl

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Chizuru Aizawa Chizuru Aizawa Goro Arashiyama Goro Arashiyama
Cindy Campbell Shindi Kyanberu Harris --?--
Eiko Aizawa Eiko Aizawa Kiyomi Sakura Kiyomi Sakura
Nagisa Saito Nagisa Saito Kozue Tanabe Kozue Tanabe
Sanae Nagatsuki Sanae Nagatsuki Takeru Aizawa Takeru Aizawa
Squid Girl Ika Musumi Tatsuo Isozaki Tatsuo Isozaki
Ayumi Tokita Ayumi Tokita    

Anime Description: Squid Girl

From the depths of the seas comes Squid Girl, a young girl with powers and abilities mimicking that of the gastropod she takes after (she even spits ink). Her mission – to conquer humanity for the crime of ecological damage to Earth's oceans. However, her attempt to make a quaint beach house snack bar in Japan her base of operations ends up damaging it. So now the poor girl has to work it off be becoming a waitress to pay the damages!

As a result, Squid Girl, also known as Squidie, comes to know the Aizawa family, who operates the Lemon Beach House, which consists of manager Eiko, her older sister Chizuru, and little brother Takeru. Squidie as well becomes acquainted with Sanae Nagatsuki, the Aizawas' neighbor who develops a schoolgirl crush with the pint-sized invader, which leads to very awkward situations. And it doesn't help Squidie's mission with continual distractions in her way – such as watching movies, reading manga – and making friends!

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