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Anime Profile: Star Ocean EX

USA Info
Japanese Info
Star Ocean EX Star Ocean EX(スターオーシャンEX) Star Ocean EX
26 TV Episodes 26 TV Episodes
January 4, 2005 April 3, 2001–Sept 25, 2001
Geneon/Ocean Studios Studio DEEN/TV Tokyo/Dentsu
  Tri-Ace/Enix(Based on the Star Ocean 2 video game)
  Hiroshi Watanabe
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Ashton Anchors Ashton Anchors
· · ·
Bowman Jean Bowman Jean
· · ·
Celine Jules Celine Jules
· · ·
Claude C. Kenni Claude C. Kenni
· · ·
Dias Flac Dias Flac
· · ·
Gyoro Gyoro
· · ·
Leon D.S. Geeste Leon D.S. Geeste
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Star Ocean EX

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ashton Anchors Ashton Anchors Opera Vectra Opera Vectra
Bowman Jean Bowman Jean Precis F. Newman Precis F. Newman
Celine Jules Celine Jules Regius Regius
Claude C. Kenni Claude C. Kenni Rena Lanford Rena Lanford
Dias Flac Dias Flac Ronikis J. Kenni Ronikis J. Kenni
Gyoro Gyoro Ururun Ururun
Leon D.S. Geeste Leon D.S. Geeste Westa Westa

Anime Description: Star Ocean EX

Star Ocean EX is a loose anime retelling of the PlayStation RPG Star Ocean: The Second Story. Claude C. Kenni is a crew member of the Calnus and the son of a respected Space Captain. However, one day Claude is accidently transported to the Planet Expel.

There, Claude meets a girl named Rena. She believes Claude is the legendary "Warrior of Light" after he disposes of a monster with his modern weaponry. He learns that Expel has been facing an onslaught of natural disasters and other bizarre phenomena ever since a mysterious meteorite called the Sorcery Globe crash-landed on the planet.

Together, Claude and Rena go on a quest to investigate the meteorite, save Expel, and somehow try to find a way to get back home....

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