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Character Profile: Shima Katase

USA Info
Japanese Info
Shima Katase Shima Katase(片瀬 志麻) Shima Katase (Stellvia of the Universe)
Shipon Shipon
Human Human
Female Female
15 years old 15 years old
Brown Brown
Brown Brown
Type A Type A
Pilot/Student at Stellvia Pilot/Student at Stellvia
"I want to see the stars while looking forward, rather than having to look up"  
Carrie Savage Ai Nonaka
Episode 1 Episode 1
Stellvia of the Universe Uchuu no Stellvia

Character Description: Shima Katase

Shima Katase is a 15 year old girl who joins the Stellvia foundation's space program in the year 2356 AD so that she could "see the stars while looking forward, rather than having to look up".

In the beginning, Shima tells her father (Umihito Katase), her mother her brother (Masato Katase), and her mother (Chiaki Katase) who doesn't want her to go, good bye and leaves for Stellvia. When she sits down in the space shuttle a girl named Arisa Glennorth comes running in yelling that she's sorry that she's late. After the long journey to Stellvia Arisa asks Shima if she will be her friend.

Although Shima is known as a genius, on her first flight she lost control of her Bianca. It finally stopped after it ran out of power and she was towed back to the hanger. Later that day after cleaning the outside of the station she runs into a boy named Kouta Otoyama who told her to "Feel it. Feel as though you are the center of the universe. The coordinates reported by the data are nothing more then a relative value. Place yourself in the absolute coordinate." After that her piloting improves dramatically.

Later in the show the instructors inform the Big 4 are going to tests the students in a mini game of Astro Ball. The goal of the test was to find the fifth member of the team so they can compete in the Astro Ball games against Mars's team. Shima was the only one that manages to come out on top and get past the Big 4, and so she was invited and accepts to join the Big 4. And in the end Shima lead the team to victory.

Throughout the show Shima gains confidence and with Kouta's help even saves the world from the second wave.

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