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Anime Profile: Step Up Love Story

USA Info
Japanese Info
Step Up Love Story Futari Ecchi(ふたりエッチ) Step Up Love Story
4 OVA episodes 4 OVA episodes
December 6, 2007 July 26, 2002–January 22, 2004
AnimeWorks(Media Blasters) Hakusensha, Chaos Project
  Katsuaki Nakamura(中村 克明)(credited as Katsu Aki)(克・亜樹)
  Yuji Moriyama(もりやま ゆうじ)(episode 1 and 2), Hiroshi Ishiodori(石踊 宏)(episodes 3 and 4)
Comedy, Ecchi, Romance Comedy, Ecchi, Romance
Kyoko Omiya Kyoko Omiya
· · ·
Makie Sugiyama Makie Sugiyama
· · ·
Makoto Onoda Makoto Onoda
· · ·
Mika Yabuki Mika Yabuki
· · ·
Miyuki Kikuchi Miyuki Kikuchi
· · ·
Rika Kawada Rika Kawada
· · ·
Takashi Yabuki Takashi Yabuki
· · ·
Yura Onoda Yura Onoda

Last I checked, this anime was available on DVD at Amazon and The Right Stuf.

Anime Description: Step Up Love Story

A sweet story about the road of sexual fulfillment - and all the speed bumps along the path!

Makoto and Yura Onoda have recently gotten married. Although the two of them love each other deeply, they both have a small problem – a lack of sexual experience. While trying to improve their talents, they often run to their fair share of embarrassing experiences, but through it all seem to muddle through the whole thing – while their love for each other grows.

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