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Anime Profile: Strait Jacket

USA Info
Japanese Info
Strait Jacket Strait Jacket(ストレイト・ジャケット) Strait Jacket
3 OVA episodes 3 OVA episodes
October 7, 2008 November 25, 2007
Manga Ent.  
  Ichiro Sakaki
Action, Sci-Fi Action, Sci-Fi
Brian Meno Moderato  
· · ·
Dr. George Thompson  
· · ·
· · ·
· · ·
Filisis Moog  
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Anime Characters: Strait Jacket

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Brian Meno Moderato --?-- Jack Roland --?--
Dr. George Thompson --?-- Kapelteta Fernandez --?--
Fahgo --?-- Leiot Steinberg --?--
Falk --?-- Minea --?--
Filisis Moog --?-- Nerin Simmons --?--
Gray --?-- Rachel Hammond --?--
Isaac Hammond --?-- Reegs --?--

Anime Description: Strait Jacket

Leiot Steinberg is what's know as a Strait Jacket, a person who uses sorcery to hunt and kill monsters. You see, in this universe, man has learned to harness the power of magic... but doing so comes at a cost. The unfortunately consequence of using magic is that it can suddenly turn the person using it into a fierce monster, a killing machine with no sense of pity or remorse. And to make matters worse, the only way to destroy one of these magic monsters is to do so using magic. Kind of a catch-22 situation there.

Ah, but science has found a way to have it's cake and eat it too, and it comes in the form of a specially designed self-contained environment suit. Anyone who is wearing a properly maintained exo-suit has significantly less of a chance of randomly transforming into a destructive monster when casting magic. Thus, this becomes the suit of choice for those individuals crazy enough to choose monster hunting as their line of work.

Most monster hunters are registered with the government, and those that are not get arrested. Leiot is one of those that fall into the "are not" category. But when a monster forms and all the other Strait Jackets are unavailable, there is little choice but to allow Leiot to do what he does best... even when that means he ends up causing a lot of collateral damage in the process.

I won't get into the twists of the plot, but it's safe to say there is more going on with these monsters and monster hunters than what shows on the surface, and Leiot has the unfortunate realization of discovering what it is.

On a personal note, I enjoyed this three-OVA episode saga. The animation was well done, it has some good action scenes, the story was meaningful, and the whole sorcery and monsters concept was quite interesting. The one minor complaint I have is that there was not really enough time to delve deeply into these characters. I would really love to see the series continue so that we could really get into these characters and the whole mythos of this universe.

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