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Yoshika MiyafujiYoshika Miyafuji (宮藤芳佳)Yoshika Miyafuji (Strike Witches)
Human (Witch)Human (Witch)
14 years old (at start of series)14 years old (at start of series)
Healer, member of the 501st Joint Fighter WingHealer, member of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing
Chermani LeighMisato Fukuen
Episode 1, "A Magical Girl"Episode 1, "A Magical Girl"
Strike WitchesStrike Witches

Character Description: Yoshika Miyafuji

Like Mio Sakamoto, Yoshika Miyafuji is a native of the Fuso Empire (Japan). Initially, Miyafuji didn't want anything to do with the war against the Neuroi, her father having died as a result of an accident while in Britannia (England). All she wanted to do is to eventually run the family healing clinic, like her mother and grandmother were doing.

Then a chance encounter with Sakamoto while healing a friend who got into a near-fatal accident. Although still adamant about not fighting, Miyafuji agreed to accompany Sakamoto to Britannia to find out details of her father's death. Along the way, though, a Neuroi attacked, and Sakamoto had to engage it until the rest of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing was able to meet her. During the battle, Miyafuji saw the struggle Sakamoto was in, and as a result took the other remaining Striker Unit onboard the aircraft carrier she was on to aid her. Together, Sakamoto and Miyafuji were able to keep the Neuroi at bay until the 501st arrived. Afterward, Miyafuji changed her mind and joined the 501st.

Miyafuji's magic is attuned to healing, and she is quite powerful but barely able to control it. Her Striker Unit, based on her father's designs, enables her to magnify her magic to erect a powerful shield that is more than a match for the Neuroi's miasma beams. She also likes cooking, and is more than eager to fix her squadron's meals. She's made friends with the other in the 501st, but had unwittingly gained a rival in the form of Perrine H. Clostermann, mostly because of Miyafuji's attention to Sakamoto.

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