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Anime Profile: Suzuka

USA Info
Japanese Info
Suzuka Suzuka Suzuka
26 episodes 26 episodes
2005 2005
FUNimation Studio Comet
  Seo Koji
  Fukutomi Hiroshi
Akitsuki Yamato Akitsuki Yamato
· · ·
Asahina Suzuka Asahina Suzuka
· · ·
Fujikawa Ayano Fujikawa Ayano
· · ·
Fujikawa Miho Fujikawa Miho
· · ·
Hashiba Miki Hashiba Miki
· · ·
Hattori Yasunobu Hattori Yasunobu
· · ·
Matsumoto Megumi Matsumoto Megumi
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Suzuka

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Akitsuki Yamato Akitsuki Yamato Hattori Yasunobu Hattori Yasunobu
Asahina Suzuka Asahina Suzuka Matsumoto Megumi Matsumoto Megumi
Fujikawa Ayano Fujikawa Ayano Miyamoto Soichi Miyamoto Soichi
Fujikawa Miho Fujikawa Miho Sakurai Honoka Sakurai Honoka
Hashiba Miki Hashiba Miki Saotome Yuka Saotome Yuka

Anime Description: Suzuka

The 16-year old Akitsuki Yamato is just starting high school. Before arriving at his aunt's place (his aunt being Fujikawa Ayano), a beautiful girl named Asahina Suzuka is jumping a high bar in the field in back of the school. For Yamato, it's love at first sight, but as the story progresses, he comes to find he is living next door... and is in the very same class!

Even though his feelings are strong for her, it's just not mutual. Or that is until a rival for Suzuka appears. The rival is Sakurai Honoka, who happens to be an old friend of Yamato. Will Suzuka and Yamato get their day? Or will Honoka steal Yamato's heart? Find out in Suzuka!

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