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Character Profile: Colonel Jade Cutiss

USA Info
Japanese Info
Colonel Jade CutissColonel Jade CurissColonel Jade Cutiss (Tales of the Abyss)
35 years old35 years old
Gloden Brown/BlondGloden Brown/Blond
6'1"186 cm
163.1 lbs74 kg
"And my other goal is to make you youngsters crazy before I reach 40."
Kirk ThorntonTakehito Koyasu
Episode 1 (voice only), Episode 2 (physically)Episode 1 (voice only), Episode 2 (physically)
Tales of the AbyssTeiruzu obu ji Abisu

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: Colonel Jade Cutiss

Jade is a member of the Malkuth military, and is known as Colonel Jade Curtiss. Due to Jade's past, he became a very powerful user in Artes, though he is unable to control the Seventh Fonon. He is a very unusual character who's personality is somewhat hard to pinpoint. Very kind to people in his own way, he also likes to withhold information and tease the others. No one can ever truly tell what he is thinking. He joins the group pretty early in the game and even earlier in the show it would seem. He joins for the reasons that Emperor Peony sent him on a quest to help arrange a peace treaty with Kimlasca.

Jade was not always the way he is now. When he was younger he is described as a devil. He was always trying to perfect his powers in fomicry or replication of humans and things. The turning point for this character is explained in full in Episode 11 and in about the 3rd required visit to Keterberg.

Spoiler Alert! In episode 11, Luke has a secret meeting with Jade's sister Nephry, who explains Jade's past to him. Jade was taught by a Professor known as Nebilm. She was a great teacher as Jade describes. But he felt as if she was holding him back as a child trying to make him realize that his powers and Artes will be the death of him. Ignoring the warning, one night he attempts the Seventh Fonon again and ends up blowing up the mansion, with the help of Saphir or Dist as he is more recently known, they carry out Nebilm who is very badly wounded. Jade knows there is no way to save her so he decides to use fomicry to replicate her. With that being unsuccessful he becomes a little closer to noticing what he is doing is wrong and gaining a greater understanding of life and death.

Later, another incident happens that almost kills him. His best friend is there when he wakes and punches him when he tries to sit up. The male starts yelling at him asking why he was doing this, and what him, Nephry, and Saphir would do if he died. Jade later acknowledges that the one who knocked some sense into him was Emperor Peony.

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