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Character Profile: Cain Carter

USA Info
Japanese Info
Cain Carter Shinya Aiba Cain Carter (Teknoman)
Tekkaman Saber Tekkaman Evil
Venemoid mutant(originally human) Venemoid mutant(originally human)
Male Male
18 years 18 years
Dark blue Dark blue
Red Red
5'11" 180 cm
157 lbs 71.2 kg
Teknoman warrior for Darkon Tekkaman warrior for Shinya
"Sorry, I don't have any asprin on me, but for old times sake, I'll gladly put you out of your misery."  
Paul S. Shrier II  
Teknoman Uchu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade

Character Description: Cain Carter

The second Teknoman awaken by Darkon, he took over the task of killing Blade after Dagger was destroyed. His real name is Cain Cater, Slade's younger (twin) brother. Unfortunately for Slade, this means Saber has a good insight into what Blade's weaknesses are - and he uses that knowledge ruthlessly in their battles. He even succeed in almost making Slade a killing machine by keeping him in Teknoman-form beyond the 30 minute time-limit. But after Slade managed to regain control, he defeat Saber, who vowed to make it his goal in life to make his brother suffer.

The transformation made Saber sadistic and emotionless, except in terms of rage and anger. This was proven when he tortured his little sister, Shara, before she activated her self-destruct system hoping to kill him and three other evil Teknomen. But Saber used his anti-Voltekka attack at maximum power to deflect Tekkaman Rapier's explosion. Doing this severely injured Saber, and Axe took over for him. But during that time, Darkon evolved Saber to a new form as Slade achieved his "Plus-Form", to serve as the only thing to keep Blade from Darkon.

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