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Character Profile: Funaho Jurai

USA Info
Japanese Info
Funaho Jurai Funaho Jurai Funaho Jurai (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Human(Terran) Human(Terran)
Female Female
Over 900 years old Over 900 years old
Black Black
Brown Brown
5'0" 152 cm
112 lbs 50.8 kg
First Empress of Jurai First Empress of Jurai
"Well now young man, what are you... staring at?"  
Grace Zanderski Rei Sakumura
Episode 13: "Here Comes Jurai!"(OVA) Episode 13: "Here Comes Jurai!"(OVA)
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki

Character Description: Funaho Jurai

A native of Earth's Japan, Funaho was courted by a young Azusa, who was exploring from his native Jurai. Afterward, the two got married and settled on Jurai. However, much of the Jurai nobility resented the fact that an off-worlder was going to be their empress. This show of bigotry was further worsened when Funaho had given birth to a son, Yosho, and Azusa had proclaimed him as his heir. Finally, the nobility's complaints had gotten so vocal that Azusa was forced to take a pure Juraian, Misaki, as a wife also. Funaho had offered to except a divorce and return to Earth, but Azusa, who was now emperor of Jurai, refused. He amended the law to allow future emperors to take multiple wives so that Funaho could remain on Jurai as his first wife. It was only in later years that Funaho was able to obtain sufficient power to mollify her detractors... and it didn't hurt to have Misaki as a supporter as well.

Unlike Misaki, Funaho is a very calm individual. As Inspector General of Information, she is also head of Jurai's intelligence network, which found out that Yosho, who had left Jurai in pursuit of Ryoko, was still alive through a report submitted to the Galaxy Police by Mihoshi, as well as finding out that she has a great-grandson, Tenchi.

Funaho is also the name of the first-generation Royal Tree of Yosho, which is currently planted near the Masaki Shrine.

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