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TsunamiTsunamiTsunami (Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki)
Higher level dimensional beingHigher level dimensional being
Appears about 23 years old (possibly over 1000)Appears about 23 years old (possibly over 1000)
5'6"About 168 cm
Patron goddess of Jurai, progenitor of the Royal TreesPatron goddess of Jurai, progenitor of the Royal Trees
"Have faith in your own power."
Sherry Lynn (alias: Katie Ashely)Chrisa Yokoyama
Tenchi Muyo! Ryo-OhkiTenchi Muyo! Ryo-Ohki
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Tsunami (from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy)Tsunami (from Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy)

Character Description: Tsunami

Tsunami is believed to be the youngest of three higher level dimensional sisters, and the second most powerful. For unknown reasons, she had bonded herself to a certain genus of tree that is native to the planet Jurai and endowed it with sentient abilities. These trees have since become part of Jurai's Royal family. It is custom for member of the Royal family to symboticly bond themselves with one of these trees, which enables that member to live beyond what is a normal life span. The trees in turn become the main computers for giant ships which enables them to protect their partners and Jurai. What is not known is that this power diminishes with each new generation, and this secret is closely guarded by Jurai's Royal family.

Seven hundred years ago, Ryoko, under the control of Kagato, attacked Jurai in order to obtain the Tsunami tree for Kagato. What was not known is that during the battle, a very young Sasami had wandered into the Royal tree nursery and was playing among the Royal trees. She was crossing a bridge to another tree when a ship had crashed into the side of the building. The nursery was not breached, but the impact caused Sasami to lose her footing and fall over a thousand feet to the bottom.

Although she survived the initial fall, Sasami was dying at the bottom of the nursery. It was then that some of her blood had touched the water that was nurturing the Tsunami tree. Sensing her plight, Tsunami chose to partially assimilate herself with Sasami, saving the young princess. Sasami, however, believes that the real Sasami had died in the fall and that she was a creation of Tsunami. When Sasami reaches adulthood, the assimilation process will be complete, and both Sasami and Tsunami will be one person.

When Tsunami presents herself before others, it is in the form of an adult Sasami, and her beauty rivals that of Sasami's sister, Ayeka. This may lead to some very sticky situations if she turns into a rival for Tenchi's attention.

In the "Pretty Sammy" world, Tsunami is a queen candidate for the throne of the magical kingdom of Juraihelm, and she had appointed the Earthborn Sasami Kawai as her champion, Pretty Sammy.

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