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Character Profile: Mitsuomi Takayanagi

USA Info
Japanese Info
Mitsuomi TakayanagiMitsuomi TakayanageMitsuomi Takayanagi (Tenjho Tenge)
18 years old18 years old
Grayish whiteGrayish white
Goldish yellowGoldish yellow
Strongest in the schoolStrongest in the school
Kurt StraussToshiyuki Morikawa
Tenjho TengeTenjho Tenge

Character Description: Mitsuomi Takayanagi

Mitsuomi Takayanagi is muscular, tall, and can be mean and violent. In the comic, he's a tyrant, while in the anime he's a little nicer... but not by much.

At first, Mitsuomi was constantly beating up Maya's brother, Shin, when they were having the duel for the president position in the enforcers' club, but when Mitsuomi was about to conduct the death blow, Mana, Shin's ex-girlfriend, covered him, stopping Mitsuomi. On the other hand, the Chokto Reiki was crying and did not allow Shin to die, thus, the sword activated Shin's dragon eyes. As soon as his dragon eyes were activated, he did a special technique that was of the Takayanagi family, but sadly, since Mana was in between Shin and Mitsuomi, hugging Shin, her left side was also hit as well as Mitsuomi (his whole body was hit). Mitsuomi then was thrown to the wall because of the great power within the attack that Shin made, and Shin continued beating up all the people in the dojo, except for Maya and some people.

When Shin came back to his senses, he saw Mana, who was about to die. He then hugged her, and hand-in-hand they placed the needle used in acupuncture into his ear and they died as they kissed each other. Even though Maya saw what happened, that Shin killed himself with the help of Mana, she still blames Mitsuomi for her brother's death.

Mitsuomi is the strongest in the school, and has a technique that boosts his attack and defense, but it puts a lot of strain on his heart and may end up killing him in a few years. He's still in love with Maya.

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