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Japanese Info
Tenjho TengeTenjho TengeTenjho Tenge
24 TV episodes24 TV episodes
2005April 1, 2004
Geneon, Bang Zoom! Ent.Madhouse Studios, TV Asahi, Nagoya Broadcasting, Avex
Oh Great!
Toshifumi Kawase
Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, RomanceAction, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance
Aya NatsumeAya Natsume
· · ·
Bob MikaharaBob Mikahara
· · ·
Maya NatsumeMaya Natsume
· · ·
Mitsuomi TakayanagiMitsuomi Takayanagi
· · ·
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Characters: Tenjho Tenge

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Aya Natsume Aya Natsume Chiaki Kounoke βŠ• Chiaki Kounoke βŠ•
Bob Mikahara Bob Mikahara Koji Sagara βŠ• Koji Sagara βŠ•
Maya Natsume Maya Natsume Masatake Takayanagi βŠ• Masatake Takayanagi βŠ•
Mitsuomi Takayanagi Mitsuomi Takayanagi Souichiro Nagi βŠ• Souichiro Nagi βŠ•
Bunshichi Tawara βŠ• Bunshichi Tawara βŠ• Tsutomu Ryuzaki βŠ• Tsutomu Ryuzaki βŠ•

Description: Tenjho Tenge

It is their first day at the Toujou Academy, and new students Souichiro Nagi and Bob Mikahara have one thing in common... to run the school together and basically be the top thugs there. However, the two of them run into the Jyuukenbu, the school's local martial arts group, which among it's members are the Natsume sisters, Naya and Aya, and Masatake Takayanagi. In no time at all, Souichiro and Bob get the snot beat out of them.

However, these two troublemakers now have bigger problems ahead of them. Seems the student counsel has gotten wind of Souichiro and Bob, and has sent it's "Enforcement Group" after them. It seems that the Group and the Jyuukenbu have a lot of personal difference between them, and these two punks have gotten their attention. So out of self-preservation, Souichiro and Bob have decided to join the Jyuukenbu, and in the process, accelerate their own skills.

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