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Aya NatsumeAya NatsumeAya Natsume (Tenjho Tenge)
16 years old16 years old
Light brownLight brown
37-22-33" (source: Eiichiro Oda interview)95-55-85 cm (source: Eiichiro Oda interview)
Stephanie Sheh (credited as Tiffany Hsieh)Mihon Chihara
Tenjho TengeTenjho Tenge

Character Description: Aya Natsume

The youngest of the Natsume sisters, Aya Natsume is a first-year student of the Toujou Academy. Although more naive then her sister Maya, Aya is an accomplished sword wielder, able to channel her ki through her blade so that she can cleave through many objects... including stone! She is also a bit more tradition-minded than Maya, which can explain much of the following...

It was during his rampage at the school with Bob Makihara that Souichiro Nagi had ran into Maya, for which the eldest Natsume sister had soundly trounced him. But in doing so, she had knocked him into the bathing area where Aya was. There is a tradition in the Natsume family that a female is to wed the first man who sees her undressed. Souichiro had the mistake of seeing Aya naked before he passed out. When he came to, he found Aya kissing him. And ever since then, Aya had pursued the poor Souichiro, all the while Souichiro continually refused the offers of the bento lunches Aya had fixed for him (Maya cannot cook). However, Maya believes that there's another reason why Aya finds Souichiro attractive.

It seems that Aya is also the possessor of an ability known as "the Dragon's Eye", or "Crystal Eye" as the Chinese call it. This ability enables Aya to see events in the future as well as far away. She can also communicate with living or inanimate objects, which is why she was able to drive the motorcycle her late brother Shin had owned, even though she had never driven a motorcycle before. It was during a training regiment that Maya had found out that Souichiro had hidden ki talent, and that Aya's "Dragon's Eye" had sensed this. However, Aya is uncomfortable with this ability, mostly because she cannot use it to openly effect the changes that are occurring between the Jyuukenbu and the Student Executive Counsel... as well as a gnawing feeling that Souichiro and Maya are getting closer.

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