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USA Info
Japanese Info
Tetsujin 28 (2004 Remake)Tetsujin 28-go (Iron Man 28) (2004 Remake)Tetsujin 28
26 TV Episodes26 TV Episodes
September 28, 2005April 7, 2004
GeneonTV Tokyo/Dentsu/Hikari Production
Mitsuteru Yokoyama
Yasuhiro Imagawa
Adventure, Mecha, Sci-FiAdventure, Mecha, Sci-Fi
GigantorTetsujin 28
Kenji MurasameKenji Murasame
· · ·
Ryusaku MurosameRyusaku Murosame
· · ·
Shotaro KanedaShotaro Kaneda
· · ·
Tatsu MurasameTatsu Murasame
· · ·
Chief Ootsuka βŠ• Chief Ootsuka βŠ•
· · ·
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Characters: Tetsujin 28

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Kenji Murasame Kenji Murasame Dr. Shikishima βŠ• Professor Shikishima βŠ•
Ryusaku Murosame Ryusaku Murosame Ginji βŠ• Ginji βŠ•
Shotaro Kaneda Shotaro Kaneda Professor Kaneda βŠ• Professor Kaneda βŠ•
Tatsu Murasame Tatsu Murasame Tetsujin 28 βŠ• Tetsujin 28 βŠ•
Chief Ootsuka βŠ• Chief Ootsuka βŠ•

Description: Tetsujin 28

The classic anime Tetsujin 28 (commonly known as Gigantor in the U.S.) was remade in 2004 at the helm of Yasuhiro Imagawa (Giant Robo, G Gundam). This new version of the classic story takes place 10 years after the final events of World War II. Japan is gradually crawling back from the ashes of the war, and life was once again returning to normal.

One of the many successes was lead by Professor Shikishima, who started the development of robotics. Just before Japan set off its economic growth in 1955, the ruins of a classified weapons laboratory of the Imperial Japanese Army was found, and with it a giant humanoid robot named Tetsujin, a weapon that was originally thought to be destroyed in the war.

Tetsujin was created by the now dead Professor Kaneda, and is finally resurrected after 28 attempts by Shikishima. However, after Tetsujin goes on an uncontrollable rampage, Shotato, boy detective and the son of Professor Kaneda, soon discovers he can control Tetsujin. He and Tetsujin join forces in order to fight evil!

Note: Apparently a movie will be coming soon!

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