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Anime Profile: Tiger Mask

USA Info
Japanese Info
Tiger Mask Tiger Mask(タイガーマスク) Tiger Mask
105(Part 1), 33(Part 2) 105(Part 1), 33(Part 2)
  1969–1971(Part 1), 1981-1982(Part 2)
Currently Unlicensed Toei Animation
  Ikki Kajiwara
  Takeshi Tamiya
Action, Sports Action, Sports
Antonio Inoki Antonio Inoki
· · ·
Big Tiger Big Tiger
· · ·
Black Tiger Black Tiger
· · ·
Boss/Tiger the Great Boss/Tiger the Great
· · ·
Daigo Daimon/Mr. Fudo Daigo Daimon/Mr. Fudo
· · ·
Kentarou Takaoka/Yellow Devil Kentarou Takaoka/Yellow Devil
· · ·
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Anime Characters: Tiger Mask

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Antonio Inoki Antonio Inoki Kentarou Takaoka/Yellow Devil Kentarou Takaoka/Yellow Devil
Big Tiger Big Tiger King Tiger King Tiger
Black Tiger Black Tiger Naoto Date/Tiger Mask Naoto Date/Tiger Mask
Boss/Tiger the Great Boss/Tiger the Great Tatsuo Aku/Tiger Mask II Tatsuo Aku/Tiger Mask II
Daigo Daimon/Mr. Fudo Daigo Daimon/Mr. Fudo The Great Zebra The Great Zebra

Anime Description: Tiger Mask

Naoto Dante (AKA Tiger Mask) was a vicious heel wrestler in America. But after hearing a boy from the Chibikko House, a orphanage he grew up in, that he wanted to become a villain like Tiger Mask, he does a Heel Face Turn because he feared that he would idolize a villain. Naoto was once a member of the villainous Tiger's Cave as the Yellow Devil, a evil organization who trained young wrestlers to be heels in exchange for half of their earnings. Naoto left because he donated that money they wanted to the Chibikko House instead of them. This infuriated their leader Boss, a former wrestler who went by Tiger the Great, enough to send assassins, sometimes other wrestlers to kill Tiger Mask in each episode of the anime. The series had a look that felt like a DC or Marvel comic book.

In Tiger Mask II, Naoto dies while saving a child, a big fan of Tiger Mask who takes up the identity of Tiger Mask.

The series inspired King from the Tekken games as well as several real Japanese wrestlers who used the Tiger Mask gimmick starting in the 1980s.

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