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Character Profile: Dominique the Cyclops

USA Info
Japanese Info
Dominique the CyclopsDominique the CyclopsDominique the Cyclops (Trigun)
Dark PurpleDark Purple
Red (right eye), Brown (left eye)Red (right eye), Brown (left eye)
Second Gung-Ho GunSecond Gung-Ho Gun
"I could of killed you at least three times by now"
Yoko Sawami

Character Description: Dominique the Cyclops

Dominique the Cyclops is the 2nd Gung-Ho Gun. She has a device attached to her right eye which she calls "The Demon Eye". She is able to manipulate people's senses with this device to make it appear to them that she can teleport anywhere. If someone has heightened senses, they can escape the Demon Eye's effects.

Character Description: Dominique the Cyclops

This rather attractive, yet saucy woman is the only female member of the Gung-ho Guns, and has the pleasure of being the first one to run into Vash.

Dominique has a rather interesting power. She has two entirely different eyes, one that she uses like a normal one, and another that she keeps hidden with a metal shutter. She can open and close the shutter at lightning fast speeds, like the shutter of a camera. In doing so, she manages to charm all the senses of a person, not just one or 2, but all of them. This renders a person into a complete trance, leaving them like zombies for brief moments at a time. It does not last long, but it leaves just enough time for Dominique to move about freely and get into position to attack when the trance wares off. To the person effected, it just appears as if Dominique can simply teleport from one place to another instantly, making it nearly impossible to attack or dodge her own attacks.

She wears a long white trench coat and wears a tall hat, not to mention that her red eye, which she calls her Demon eye, is covered by that rather large steel shutter. She is very confident in her abilities, so much though that she loves to taunt her victims rather then just kill them quickly. She refuses to believe that any one man can stand up against her, showing that she probably is somewhat sexist against men.

Side Notes: Even though she is the first beaten by Vash, her powers are really quite astounding, as even Legato is shown to be effected by her trance when she appears behind him instantly when he calls for her and surprises him. She actually appears to almost fall pray to Vash's goofy charms when she battles with him, but eventually is more astounded by the fact that he broke her trance.

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