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Gasback McFlyGasback McFlyGasback McFly (Trigun: Badlands Rumble)
Mid 60'sMid 60's
Red, orange in the middleRed, orange in the middle
Green (one eye)Green (one eye)
6'1"185 cm
350 lbs158.8 kg
"You've disgraced my robbery!"
John SwaseyTsutomu Isobe (磯部勉)
Trigun: Badlands RumbleTrigun: Badlands Rumble

Character Description: Gasback McFly

Massively muscled, smart, clever and vicious, Gasback McFly had the reputation of pulling off daring, difficult and highly profitable robberies. This reputation was one of the reasons he had earned a $$300,000,000 bounty on his head. However, all that dangerous work didn't endear him much to his accomplices. In fact, they hated him so much that they had betrayed him in the middle of a robbery, only to have it go bad on them. Gasback would've killed them if not for the sudden intervention of Vash the Stampede, who was trying to rescue a donut that Gasback had stepped on. Vash then whined and pleaded with him to replace the donut, thus allowing Gasback's former gang to take the loot and split – and the same time using the rockets they had outside to blow up the town... with Vash pinned as the patsy! Now twenty years later, Gasback is poised to gain his revenge upon the gang's leader Cain Kepler – by stealing the $$2,000,000,000 bronze statue of himself from Macca City... a theft that could bankrupt the Bernardelli Insurance Society in the process!

Gasback uses a multi-function weapon that can fire bullets or rockets, depending on the situation. This weapon is heavy, so although he can lift it with his right arm for a quick maneuver, he cannot hold it up for any prolonged length of time without assistance. That's where the powerful jet thrusters come in. As a last resort, the weapon can discharge a massive electromagnetic pulse, killing all those within its influence.

Another word of note – Gasback is also the father of Amelia Ann McFly, one of the bounty hunters after him. Twenty years before, Gasback left his pregnant wife alone, but made sure she was well cared for – even giving her an energy-absorbing glove to protect herself. However, bandits had robbed her, and for years after Amelia was born, she died of an ailment that the doctors would treat her for, mostly because she was Gasback's wife. Now Amelia is looking to settle the score – by killing her own father!

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