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Anime Profile: Zoids Chaotic Century

USA Info
Japanese Info
Zoids Chaotic Century (season 1)Zoids (ゾイド) (season 1)Zoids Chaotic Century
34 TV episodes34 TV episodes
Feb 18, 2002–April 4, 2002Sept 4, 1999–Dec 23, 2000 (Seasons 1 & 2)
Cartoon Network, ShoPro, The Ocean GroupXEBEC, Shogakukan Productions, TBS
TOMY (original toyline), Michiru Ueyama
James Corrigall (voice director)Takao Kato
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, MechaAction, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mecha
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English Title
Japanese Title
Zoids Guardian Force (season 2) Zoids (season 2)
Zoids New Century Zero (sequel) Zoids Shinseiki /0 (sequel)
Zoids Fuzors Zoids Fuzors
Zoids: Genesis Zoids: Genesis

Characters: Zoids Chaotic Century

English Name
Japanese Name
English Name
Japanese Name
Ambient Ambient Thomas Richard Shubaltz --?--
Dr. D Dr. D Van Flyheight Ban Flyheight
Fiona Elisi Linette Fiona Elisi Linette Zeke --?--
Gunther Prozen Gunther Prozen Emperor Rudolf Gerhard Zeppellin III --?--
Irvine Irvain Hiltz --?--
Karl Lichen Shubaltz Karl Lichen Shubaltz President Camford --?--
Moonbay --?-- Shadow --?--
Raven --?-- Specular --?--
Reese Rhyss (or Ryss, or Rhys) Viola --?--
Rosso Rosso

Description: Zoids Chaotic Century

Deep in the Milky Way is a planet known as Zi, with two moons and an environment much like Earth's. Once long ago, an ancient civilization created bio-mechanical mechs they called Zoids. Their race has since disappeared, but the Zoids they left behind still exist, and they have become the focus of the conflict.

The story of Zoids Chaotic Century is split into two parts. The first part take place during a titanic war between the two greatest nations on Zi: the Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic. Into this chaos enters three different yet connected lives: Van Flyheight, a young Republican who stumbles upon some ancient ruins; Zeke, an Organoid in the ruins who has the capacity to revive and maximize the potential of Zoids; and Fiona, an ancient Zoidian awakened from her sleep and who now accompanies Van on his journey into destiny. With the help of the kooky Dr. D, the mercenary Irvine, and the independent Moonbay among others, Van inadvertently finds himself on a course to stop the war before it takes a disastrous turn.

The second part takes place four years after the peaceful resolution of the war. In an effort to help prevent future wars, a Guardian Force is jointly established by the Empire and the Republic. Its mission is to seek out volatile groups and contain them before they can cause more chaos. Van and Zeke are among the Guardian Force's key members, and those they met in their previous adventure come back in this new chapter. It is during this period that more of the Zoidian secret is revealed as the true battle for the of planet Zi begins.

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