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Character Profile: Gunther Prozen

USA Info
Japanese Info
Gunther Prozen Gunther Prozen Gunther Prozen (Zoids Chaotic Century)
Dark Kaiser Dark Kaiser
Human Human
Male Male
28 years 28 years
White White
Red Red
6'2" 188 cm
152 lbs 68.9 kg
Royal Regent Royal Regent
"No matter who you are, or what you do, there will always be someone hurting because of your actions."  
Zoids Chaotic Century Zoids
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Zoids Guardian Force Zoids Guardian Force

Character Description: Gunther Prozen

Gunther Prozen, otherwise known as Prozen, is more or less the stereo-type royal advisor who plots and schemes behind the emperor's back. He wants to gain all the power in the world by reviving an ancient Zoid, the Deathsaurer.

While tricking the rest of the empire into thinking that someone kidnapped the young emperor's Rudolf, and later, telling them that he is dead, Prozen continues his search for ancient ruins...and for more Zoid cores to revive the ancient Deathsaurer. He does finally revive it, and he is crowned emperor's, due to the emperor's's absence. But alas, Van and the gang come and stop him.

He is seemingly destroyed in the end of Chaotic Century, but you later learn that he is really still alive, only he is partially under control by the Deathsaurer's Zoid Core...supposedly during the explosion, he fused with it. So he is really not himself anymore.

Prozen has no family members, and no close friends. He is just a cold military commander, who considers the young boy Raven to be one of his best officers. Prozen has only a few trusted officers, all but one (Raven) of which die in the end of either Chaotic Century, or Guardian Force. Other than that, he is hated by most of the empire. Especially after they all find out that Prince Rudolf is really still alive.

Prozen is really just an misunderstood, lonely guy!

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