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Millions KnivesMillions KnivesMillions Knives (Trigun)
Humanoid plantHumanoid plant
131 years131 years
Pale BlondPale Blond
About 5'11" (same as Vash)About 180 cm (same as Vash)
About 185 lbsAbout 84 kg
Vash's twin brotherVash's twin brother
"You're not a human being. You're a plant."
Joshua Seth (credited as Jeremiah Freedman)Tohru Furusama

Character Description: Millions Knives

The whole business started about 130 years ago, in the middle of a desperate human struggle known as Project SEEDS. He and Vash had been born together, apparently the result of some experiment. He and Vash are actually of the same plant-like species that normally powered the ships of Project SEEDS. It started so innocently... until Knives made up his mind about humanity (due in part to beatings and insults). He began to kill the crew of the SEEDS main ship, one by one, then attempted to cause all the ships to crash into a desolate, barely inhabitable desert planet. Only a sacrificial effort by Rem Saverem managed to save some of them.

"That is the true nature of these pathetic beasts known as humans. They're all are selfish, arrogant, insolent, grossly imperfect organisms. They make me sick to my stomach." It was Knives, not Vash, who had been responsible for "The Great Fall". Knives thinks humans are inferior, unworthy of living. He sees them clawing at each other simply trying to make a living in this wasteland. It is why he tries to destroy them. He would destroy every last one of them, but Vash believes in their goodness and is able to stop his more extreme efforts.

"These are our new siblings, and this one will be yours. We will use these guns to dispose of mankind." About 14 years after their arrival, Knives took Vash to the wreckage of a SEEDS ship and spent a year rummaging through it, making a pair of very special guns: the Angel Arms, one black, one silver. On the surface, they resemble Colt revolvers from the human's past, but underneath they hide a special power core. These power cores, when held in either of their hands, transforms the guns into very lethal weapons. It can actually cause their arms to morph into miniature versions of one of the SEEDS guns, the true power of the Angel Arm. At even a 13% maximum output, the results are nonetheless devastating. He gives the silver one to Vash with the intention of using the guns to wipe out humanity, but Vash wouldn't stand for it. and he did something he never thought he'd do: he shot Knives in the leg.

"Did you shoot me?! Did you actually shoot me?!" Vash ran away with Knives's gun and eventually made contact with the humans. Vash thought the business with his brother was over...until 23 years before the series begins, in the city of July.

"Are you actually going to shoot me again?!" Vash had been tracking down the last blood relative of Rem...only to learn that Knives had killed him. It was then that Knives returned the favor from over 80 years ago and shot off Vash's left arm and took back his own gun. Then he unlocked the hidden power in Vash's gun, threatening to unleash a catastrophic blast in the city. Desperate, Vash then turned the gun on his brother...and fired! But once again, the shot had not been a fatal one. Despite the destruction, no one died in the Third City July (now known as Lost July) disaster...not even Knives.

But now Knives set out on revenge against Vash personally. He forms a unique gang of killers called the Gung Ho Guns, led by the telekinetic Legato, and gives them a mission: make Vash suffer eternally for his insult. Kill the humans, destroy Vash's spirit, and leave him alone in his desolation. It's Vash's ultimate goal to reach Knives and try one more time to snap him out of his insanity.

Apparently, Knives made up his mind about humanity after becoming fed up with the mistreatment he and Vash received from the humans on the ship, as in being verbally and physically assaulted. One man in particular couldn't stand that they were smarter than he was and sometimes did his job of the ship faster and better, so he took to calling them monsters and other names and he beat them up a lot. Then one day he was drunk and beat Knives with a bat. Ever since that beating, well, Knives just lost it.

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