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Milly ThompsonMilly ThompsonMilly and her Stungun
Stungun Milly
23 years old23 years old
Unknown, but almost as tall as VashUnknown, but almost as tall as Vash
Employee of the Bernardelli Insurance SocietyEmployee of the Bernardelli Insurance Society
"Yes, ma'am!"
Lia Sargent (Trigun), Trina Nishimura (Trigun: Badlands Rumble)Satsuki Yukino
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Trigun: Badlands RumbleTrigun: Badlands Rumble

Character Description: Milly Thompson

A fitting complement to her partner, the somewhat-tightwadded Meryl, Milly Thompson travels together with Meryl on their field cases for the Bernardelli Insurance Society. They're partners, but Milly will readily do whatever Meryl tells her to do. It's less a sign of subservience and more a sign of trust and understanding (in that Milly usually trusts Meryl to know what she's doing). Nonetheless, she does everything she does with wholehearted diligence.

At first, Milly seems a little airheaded and simple, but in reality, she has a dynamic and uncomplicated perspective on life. She adapts to change very easily. Her mind will readily change course if something new pops up, and it has this knack for intuitively putting things together: so intuitive that her revelations are typically revealed in offhand comments (she's also the first to regularly call Vash, well...Vash). Most of her remarks are similarly simple and to the point. Kind of makes you wonder how she'd act with a boyfriend (say, Nicholas Wolfwood).

Milly Thompson (Trigun) Milly has a strong sense of family (she's the youngest of 11 siblings) and frequently writes letters back home. They've become known as "The Milly Monthly" because she writes them so regularly and diligently---she insists on writing a letter to every relative. Family defines much of Milly's character...and it's the one thing that can set her off. Though normally positive-minded and willing to give anyone another chance, if anyone betrays family values...well, don't do it when she's around.

Her nickname, "Stungun Milly", comes from her choice of firearm, a surprisingly nonlethal weapon for its size. Her huge Stungun is a multi-barrel riot gun that fires rubber bullets that expand into cross shapes when fired. The sheer blunt impact of these bullets can slam bad guys with considerable force and usually knock them down (if not against the wall). Despite its size, Milly is such a big girl herself that she can still completely conceal her gun under her cloak.

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