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Character Profile: H C Tres Iqus

USA Info
Japanese Info
H C Tres Iqus H C Tres Iqus H C Tres Iqus (Trinity Blood)
Tres X Tres X
· · ·
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Android Android
Male Male
(born 3036 AD) (born 3036 AD)
Brown Brown
Dark brown(one's red when he's gathering data or something) Dark brown(one's red when he's gathering data or something)
440.9 lbs 200 kg
He doesn't have blood He doesn't have blood
AX member AX member
"Negative." "Negative."
Christopher Sabat Kazuya Nakai
Episode 1, “Night Flight”(at the very end) Episode 1, “Night Flight”(at the very end)
Trinity Blood Trinity Blood

Last I checked, this character's cosplay outfit was available at Milanoo.

Character Description: H C Tres Iqus

Tres is an android and also a member of the AX team. His ultimate weapon is a gun, which explains his codename: Gunslinger. Seeing as how Tres is an android, he has no blood or heart.

If Tres gets orders from Lady Caterina, he follows them because he was programmed to do that. He also supposedly has no emotions whatsoever, but that turns out to be not-so-true. But it is true that whatever emotions he does have rarely show.

He's not very talkative. He usually replies with "Positive" or "Negative". But if he uses full sentences, then he's asking something or explaining something.

According to the official Trinity Blood website, Tres' brain is part human ("made entirely of machines, save for part of his brain"). This suggests that he is somewhat capable of having human feelings, somewhat displayed in an episode in which he was ordered to shoot a little witch girl and did not. Tres was ordered to kill anyone who interfered with his actions, and Abel did, so he was supposed to kill Abel, but said he just failed the mission and turned his back.

His name, Tres Iqus, is actually Latin for III X, which is his development number.

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